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Oct 7, 2008

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yall fight fight and fight each other like an idiot. the true is samrainsey and hun sen they're working together it time to change anyway, we need to wipe off all the debt and the long term contract in cambodia. in order to do it they have to play this big game and play to win. Cambodia going to be better in future. good luck Khmer.  (Apr 6, 2013 | post #383)


nhom khmer ter bong, ort jess youn ma matt bong called nhom kong jor mech ning trov LOL bong merl tar chmous nhom tov deng houy a nex ka jun kyom chea koun Khmer nov borrotess (oversea boy) kyom kitt eyjung kyom tha fair houy prous pu sen kort tov vai yor pi om pol pot mor vinh ber pu sen mor min torn khmer phutt poorch oss houy. khmer tver noyobai janh tar boak ke ma ah youss houy, i'm pretty much your defend gonna youn set this up sa lab khmer jong ban tirk dey khmer I don't give a F *ck about that bong ber yeung janh boark ke pler cheang ke go kill your self the samething you go to las vegas gambling if you losing your ass you either cry or kill yourself they not gonna give you back? tver nobai ma jivit janh tar boark ke ma ah yous F *ck it don't blame no one. pointing finger around can't solve the problem. the chance is maybe wait for pu sen die maybe his son gonna come up even he die hahaha that the problem again LOL srok khmer always family business but his son probably can do better because he came from west point school in United State. good luck to you my beloved Khmer kom sov J ke tha youn youn kroup knea pek sound so funny ouy tha khernh ke yeay ey trov right away jod ke tha kong jor youn yabb man. nhom kompong tar sa orp youn phoung mor J kyom youn na ney yiii, but i hate gov vea reas vea in here they nice people I mean there is always a bad and a good people around the world. but srey youn in my Area sa ath sa ath nass bong I live in Costa Mes Ca 15 minute to saigon mall in Bolsa where all viet people lives if you come here maybe change some mind houy haha maybe sa orpp tar pross youn te srey youn joi oi dap lam dep lam LOL J/K  (Mar 20, 2013 | post #151)


I put it this way Cambodia was down to Zero Hun go to asked viet to robb it back and finally the did so hun owned this godamn land with out hun you can't be bla bla behind computer like right now have u know it? so ev3erything is belong to hun whatever he want to do its up to him you and me like it or not whats we can do about it? go to yell in front of his face like you hulling right now see what u gonna get LOLz have a nice day brother calm down its OK.. :)  (Mar 19, 2013 | post #144)


that's right and lately seems like no one better then Hun Sen. majority might go for Hun Sen again. he might get less vote then used to be but 99.9% he will win this election again.  (Mar 19, 2013 | post #143)

Read this you Khmers.

what else stupid idea you got? this viet people they're Communist hater just like us that's why they got away from their homeland. they do not know anything about you hate them or they hate you. they're most likely u s or Canadian second citizen you better watch your mouth before they accuse you something.  (May 24, 2012 | post #99)

Indian copy of Angkor Wat irritates Cambodia

interested story. lol don understand why Cambodia Government thinking that way.  (Mar 10, 2012 | post #3)

Life in Cambodia

hahahahaa that is good joke. how much do they pay? lmao  (Mar 10, 2012 | post #18)

Two Khmer Monks Disrobed, Beaten, and Robbed By Thai Mili...

eaw!! this is strong word when you announced you dislike Muslim religion. someone in the top position sit in the white house might don't like you either with this word because you'ur against his religion. just watch out what you're saying Boss. good luck to your bravery.  (Mar 10, 2012 | post #36)

Cambodian Royal Dance, the real history.

both nation look a like each other had the same culture the same religion eat the same foods speak and write different language but cry and laugh the same they should just make it simpler sharing everything to each other. sad to see they hate each other like this. Aman  (Mar 10, 2012 | post #21)

Could anybody write my name in khmer?

Mr. Kulet Jonk you're try to make Thai looks bad don't you?. even youself don't read and write Khmer either.  (Mar 10, 2012 | post #119)

Most of cambodians are ignorant!

you said Most of cambodians are ignorant, MOST?? most mean a lot. at least 80% are you sure..? if 80% of them must be including your head too. lol  (Jan 24, 2012 | post #25)

Angkor Wat Belongs to Vietnam

so borijak mean donation? is this khmer word is new or old? because lately Khmer have create many new words I never heard this word borijak before was thought donation is pheak ka tian rir kor orm-nouy smoss trong.  (Jan 24, 2012 | post #77)

Drought Led to Demise of Ancient City of Angkor

no question about Camb0odia country or other s. e asia, its from generation to generation always ah thom si douy thom ah touch si douy touch ort pi arnh tov mean koun arnh teat always switch position to their family that's normal for em. all we can do swallow the rock and open the eye then sit and wait to see hahahaha  (Jan 9, 2012 | post #5)

English speaking taxi driver in siem reap

most taxi in US handle by middle east and India. they spoke English but like example; hei zir doo you van me tu takk you to dda aira pod in stead of hello sir do you want me to take you to the air port? lol  (Jan 9, 2012 | post #9)

From gym to movie king

you're sound like a real thieve.  (Jan 9, 2012 | post #12)