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Jul 30, 2008

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Therapeutic Massage and Ejaculation

I know that this post has been up for sometime and not responded to, however I feel the need to respond. I am a licensed massage therapist and would like to let all you guys know that this is in fact very common in men. The nerves that connect to the reproductive organs are in the area of the low back area. The massaging of the inner thighs, hams, quads and glutes can cause erection or even ejaculation due to the sensitive area and the flowing of blood with the massage. You have nothing to be ashamed or embarassed of. This is a perfectly normal reaction for some men. You shouldn't avoid massage. Maybe request that the therapist does deeper work on the lower extremities. Sometimes light work can cause a reaction to the massage strokes. Or you can have them avoid the legs all together if it makes you feel uncomfortable. I have several male clients and I work on their legs, thighs and glutes and have had no problems what so ever with the deeper strokes. :) I hope that this helps some.  (Jul 30, 2008 | post #195)