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Jan 24, 2013

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"kratom" where to buy, and does it work?

I have been using kratom for 3 years now and the most important thing to remember is : You get what you pay for. Everyone wants to pay the lowest prices, but you'll probably end up with crappy kratom that will disinterest you forever. Take my advice and try a few reputable vendors. I've tried many, many vendors and the best two I have found for both reasonable price AND quality are ; Ethnobotanicals and Zerbals. The former will sometimes give you discounts just for the asking. And when I accidentally overpaid an order by $10, they brought it to my attention promptly and said they would 'throw in some extra' on my next order. Guess what they did ? They threw in an extra 25mg of special kratom worth about $45. Most vendors would have silently kept the profit. Finding a good vendor and remaining a loyal customer is worth the trouble. The competition is fierce right now, so many vendors will go out of their way to keep you as a customer, as long as you are being reasonable. Good luck guys !  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #46)

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