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Feb 22, 2012

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Zoie Brown Orson Mozes adoptive daughter needs to be in P...

Zoie Browns birth parents were drug addicts and criminals. So it is not unusual that Zoie Rose Brown loves drugs and is a drug addict; and a huge compulsive liar! She cheats on every boy friend! She will steal any store blind for her habit! She was never molested by her dad Orson Mozes because when we were doing heroin she spilled the beans, she was making it all up to get money; even though her mother Christen gives it to her. Christen hates Orson and is using Zoie to get at him! Zoie tries to get attention through anyway possible. Christen her mom taught her that money and status is everything in life? That is Zoie’s biggest problem. Christen has because of her hate of losing money that she thought was hers in court ; and the fact that Orson would not lie about her involvement in Adoption International Program has made her seek revenge. I am posting this because I know Zoie goes to bed with anyone. I know she cheated on many guys because other guy had drugs and she wanted them. She needs to go back to rehab to help with her drug habit! She needs to be in prison. She needs some excuse for her actions and a fall guy to blame, I knew you were stealing from stores and robbing people; but your Mom Christen Brown knew that too. I hope in deed you get the help. I wish the best for you always but you do not have to lie or do drugs or sleep with men to get attention!! Check out this URL to see Christen Browns guilt! Don’t trust either one of them. In Zoie’s case the apple did not fall far from the tree. Zoie will commit any crime for drugs! http://cribsandcri 009/10/queen-of-gr eed-christen-brown -shot-down.html http://cribsandcri 008/09/christen-br owns-pathetic-atte mpt-to.html http://www.indepen /oct/29/mozess-mon ey-headed-victims/ #commenttoggle http://www.ripoffr -switch/christen-b rown/christen-brow n-adoption-intera- 03eb9.htm http://plaintiffpa 9/10/orson-mozes-a doption-scam-victi ms-win.html  (Feb 22, 2012 | post #1)