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Mar 2, 2009

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Martinez, CA

why blight over progress.

Empty properties, in communities pretending to want or create Positive Change. Everyday the same old song wasted space, lack of progress and blight. REALLY? MCAMO is a positive community based org. with programs, in art education instruction, presentation, development and promotion. We focus on local business involvement in exhibits, display, events, and more. We NEED SPACE to help a community shine and work toward Positive Change. Please Contact the MCAMO @: /muzick-communicat ion-arts-media-org anization/38279586 8413242  (May 19, 2012 | post #1)

Hercules, CA

Hercules eatery got city business loan nearly five times ...

Conflicts, wrong doing, misappropriations, ethics, business integrity. What? And we are working on a Waterfront project with hopes of introducing Hercules as a player in the SF, Bay Area. We have allot of work. TRUST. -b jAXON  (Oct 25, 2009 | post #1)

Hercules, CA

Hercules needs a since of TRUE COMMUNITY!

Wake up people of Hercules, our young people need something to develop values, ethics and personal integrity. Hercules is growing fast and so is our generation of young people. Several young people skateboard on the corner of San Pablo and Sycamore at Refugio Park. Several youths also board in the parking lot of Home Depot (I witnessed the posting of signs prohibiting skateboarding and threatening so-called violators will be cited) only to be driven off by the police in both locations. I understand the enforcement issue. But what most JACK-ASSES don't understand. Walking from block to block, neighborhood to neighborhood, only invites trouble and creates the opportunity for boredom to effect sound judgement. Hercules is a BIG LIE when it comes too COMMUNITY. Groups of privilege, social who's who, and a large ethnic divide as well ethnic denial ALL contribute to a community heading toward disaster. We can build a transit center, rail station, strip-mall etc. But if we don't focus on building better (correction) some community values to structure business and community relations the goal of the effort will be lost. Remember Business should not equal Greed. Every franchise or big business interest does not have the community values of Hercules at heart. We need more business which have a vested interest in Hercules, community, values and the Human Condition of which we all share. We don't say hello in passing at the post office, the market, the bank etc., you understand and know who you are. Rest assured we are ALL going too NEED each other in the near future as the next natural desaster is enevotable. Major Earthquake: I-80 toward Cartinez Bridge Not an option. Hwy 4 toward Martinez (fault canyon) Not an option. San Pablo Ave towards Pinole I-80 toward Oakland ? Anyway enough of this you should get the picture. To wrap-up Build the KIDS A SKATE PARK. We also need an ART Center supported by the community and local businesses. Much more but I'm tired! -b jAXON  (Oct 23, 2009 | post #1)

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Help SAVE The Human Condition

Just for one moment BOOMERS. STOP and remember the good day's gone past. The romance and intimacy life had too offer and still does. Just slow down a truly enjoy someone, something. Think about doing your part to heal this thing we call the Human Condition... No groups, clubs etc., jus' u to begin.  (Oct 22, 2009 | post #1)

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A Muse Muzick®, MCAMO's Black History Month, JAM in Tha' PARK project.

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