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Jul 15, 2007

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Savanna, IL

Someone needs to ACT!!

The LRA, as all locals to the area are aware are the ones who are tasked with the re-use of the former Army Instillation that closed more than six years ago. They have had little success. DTC, which formerly stood for Depot Training Center submitted the necessary documents and more to the LRA, in those documents it was very clear as to the start up costs and the Job’s that would be produced. “The number was over 75 jobs,” reported CS Latimer, the Operations Manager for DTC, “and the funding, we have several signed backers for the later stages and even without looking that far down the development road, the CEO and Co-Owner William Pauly of Chicago submitted sufficient financial information and proof to do the start-up 10 times.” The upcoming move from IL well take several employees from the area and the new facility and its partners have already begun staffing positions in Texas a local Dallas paper shows. So, another loss for our future generation because the people who have been chosen to man this task, well, they fear change. So, out goes another great benefit to the area. Next comes the move. The venue the training team well utilize, Predator Ranch, an all new complex located close to Dallas. Boasting over 1900 acres, it has the capability to handle the full spectrum of training services to be offered by the world’s best law enforcement and military trainers and a World Champion competitive shooter. The facility and its trainers well provide the full gamut of firearms training services ranging from competitive shooting instruction such as IPSC, 3 Gun, Multi-Gun and High Powered Rifle, to a full spectrum of tactical firearms operation programs. In addition to firearms instruction, an extensive number of training and educational programs for LE, private security, military units and corporations covering topics such as; officer survival, K9 operations, EOD, hostage rescue, protective service operations, helicopter operations, explosive breaching and tactical team operations or SWAT The Predator Ranch is a premier Military and Law Enforcement training facility located an hour SE of Dallas, TX. Location Features: 1800 Acre Private Military and LE Training Facility 82 miles from Dallas Love Field International Airport Ten Hotels within 15-20 Minutes Entire  (Jul 15, 2007 | post #2)

Savanna, IL

Someone needs to ACT!!

I pulled this from the ABC website blog, apparently they are preparing a special on the topic for a future show. Steven 8 April 2007 Mississippi River Life Local News Staff Writer Local Company Expands Operations, takes the local workers DTC, a professional law enforcement, security and military training provider owned by Mike Grace and his friend, 10 Time World Champion shooter, Matt Burkett have teamed up to develop and deliver advanced level training and developmental programs to military units, law enforcement and Homeland Security agencies and professional security corporations from around the globe. But unfortunately, they are not doing it in Illinois. While attempting to re-start his very successful business venture on the former Army Depot in Carroll County to be met with nothing but negativity and slander from those appointed as the area’s redevelopers, Mike Grace, a local resident may have finally packed it up to move south. The employees that he was to hire, leaving with him, the economic growth that this ILLINOIS based operation would have most definitely produced, now in the pockets of another entity and state, Blackwater and North Carolina. “It is a very sad day for many, the numbers wouldn’t sound right in writing, but the term Turn Key and Local Communities development robbed by appointed officials where used in the interview last night with a major news series, that I well say”, commented Grace in a telephone interview last week. “There is a serious need for this type of operation in this day and age, unfortunately, and there is a huge need for Disaster and Emergency Response training here in the upper mid-west,” says Grace,” but that need pales in comparison to the need for the communities surrounding the Depot to be properly informed what they have been robbed of by the complete lack of development that should have happened at that base.”  (Jul 15, 2007 | post #1)