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Feb 27, 2013

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I would like to begin by saying I’m Amber Clark (formally Pennell), most know me from my accident in August 20-25 2008. I have recently been reading the different forums that mention my name, and quite honestly I am appalled at the ignorance I have read. The misinformation is inexcusable and I do not understand why someone would post such information that they have no TRUE knowledge of. I was charged with AWADW (Assault with a Deadly Weapon) over an incident that occurred on August 29, 2012 (my daughter’s 7th birthday). The charges have since been dropped by the individual who took the charges out at the Magistrate’s Office and the reason I didn’t have a bond was because it was considered domestic. North Carolina law states that when an individual seeks a warrant from the Magistrate’s office they only have to give their side of the story and 98% of the time the warrant is served on the accused and it is each side’s responsibility to prove themselves in court. In domestic cases the accused is required to stay 24 hours (or just overnight) and then a bond is set. Domestic is defined as having a child between you, married/divorced/ or separated, or living in the same household. Mitchell and I have two children together as well as are divorced so I fell under this category. Mitchell came to my home where myself and my children live and demanded to see Gracelyn, I let him but he became very belligerent when talking about my then boyfriend (now my fiancé) and when I told him he needed to leave until he was sober he went outside on the front deck but after I closed the door he began hitting the door and screaming rude remarks and names. He then kicked in the door and assaulted me in front of our 2 children until my boyfriend got to our house from his apartment and got Mitchell off me. Mitchell was charged with domestic trespassing and assault on a female and was jailed under no bond (because the situation was domestic) and was given a bond the next morning via satellite from the jail and his bond of $3,000 was posted that morning August 30, 2012. After he was released he went to the magistrate and requested a warrant against me (as retaliation and in an attempt to get the children in his custody). My bond was set the following morning and was posted right away. He never got the children in his custody because they were safe with my family. He did try to get then by contacting CCSD but was told because of his belligerent, intoxicated state he would not be allowed to get them, they were safe with my family. When the situation came to court Mitchell did not appear and dropped the charges via his attorney and said, “I was mad when the charges were filed and I didn’t tell the complete truth, I was wrong”. Now to address the accusations that I no longer have my 2 children or husband because of my “pill problem”: I don’t know where the info (MISINFO) was heard that I have a “pill problem” but it is 100% INCORRECT. I do not have any substance issues at all. I was placed on narcotic pain killers after my accident but was weaned off the most powerful ones prior to leaving Frye Regional and was weaned from morphine prior to being released from Carolina’s Medical Center before being sent to Frye Regional for rehabilitation services to help me walk again. My children live with me as they always have and their father, Mitchell, now sees them every other weekend. As for “losing my husband” we are divorced and haven’t been together since October of 2009. Now, normally I am a private person but when I read all the garbage I did on I knew I had to let the TRUTH be known. If anyone feels they still have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to ask me and forward your concerns to my personal email: Thank you for your time.  (Feb 27, 2013 | post #1)