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Jan 31, 2011


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Dump Obama November 6, 2012


Flush it.


The woods

Local Favorites:

Home brewing club, Shooting reloading club and photography

I Belong To:

The N.R.A. Life member

When I'm Not on Topix:

I am fishing,boating and home brewing

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Because they are the truth

I'm Listening To:

Not you

Read This Book:

Diversity destroys

Favorite Things:

Target Shooting, Homebrewing

On My Mind:

There is Emotion, yet there is Peace. There is Ignorance, yet there is Knowledge. There is Passion, yet there is Serenity.

Blog / Website / Homepage: /

I Believe In:

Being open minded- thinking outside accepted standards. Making my own beer. Home brewing is the best.