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Jul 8, 2014

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how i cured my eczema

Hi, my name is Amy. I'd like to share how i finally cured my eczema. I have suffered eczema all over my bodies & face for about 11 yrs and really got worse and worse over the year because of cortizone creams and pills the doctors gave me. They claimed that i have allergies to fur, dirts, certain fabrics, detergents, perfumes, lotions, and all of those things that have never been a problem for me when I was still at very young age. But I followed them anyway cos I didnt know where else to go.Every time I consume fried foods, spicy foods, dairy, my eczema got worse that when I scratch them, my skin bleeds and there's toxins coming out of the flare-ups. I've been using cortizone creams everyday for those 11 yrs and never realized that they cause bloating and worsen my immune system. One day I met a friend of my aunt, who told me be about some african cream that helped her. Its called sausage tree cream, she gave me some and in 2 days the itches stopped and the eczema flare-ups are not red anymore. In 3-4 days my skin is healed and I eat like usual, no forbidden foods or pills or cortizone. Ive been using the cream for 3 weeks now to make sure I really heal my eczema, enough to time to make sure it stays healed. Whenever my skin gets a bit itchy I just put some on cream on the itch. I am so amazed how simple and satisfying a cure can be! Apparently this cream is really popular in south africa and you can’t find it all in the US. I asked my aunt’s friend where can I buy the cream and she said she doesn’t know cos a friend of her gave it to her too. I did some google and I found it here http://kigeliashop .com/product/kigel ia-africana-sausag e-tree-cream-75ml/ Amy  (Jul 8, 2014 | post #1)