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Six top tips for job seekers in Germany

For many, January's arrival means it's time for a change. In this week's JobTalk, The Local looks at how to go about landing a dream job in Germany. Looking to shake things up this January with a new job? Follow our tips to make the dreaded German job hunt a little less daunting. 1. Know what you want Before you start aimlessly browsing the web, it's always a good idea to assess what kind of jobs you can and want to do. If you don't know, ask yourself who you are, what you are good at and what you enjoy doing. Make a list of your qualifications, skills and experience to establish where you are in your career and which kind of jobs are realistic for you to go for. Next list some keywords associated with those jobs - this will help narrow down and focus your search. It's a good idea to then translate the job title into German to widen your search to German as well as English language sites. 2. Cast your web The internet is without doubt the richest resource for job seekers - but there's nothing to say you have to waste hours on end scouring the same job portals. Speed up the process by setting up job alert emails on major employment sites using your keywords and the name of your city. This way you'll be among the first to know when a great opportunity comes up. Beyond the general job portals, it's definitely worth checking for industry-specific employment sites in Germany, say for engineers, medical professionals or lawyers. Individual companies will also advertise openings under Stellenangebote. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for some more job sites to help you on your way. 3. Sell yourself Before you apply for any position, make sure you've got a killer CV in the German style - see our guide for useful tips. If you in are highly-qualified profession you'd do well to check this government site to see if you can get your foreign-earned qualifications recognised in Germany. Should you need to update your skill set or even retrain, the Volkshochschulen in most cities offer adult education classes at reasonable prices. This English language government website offers information about apprenticeships and on-the-job training in Germany for foreigners. 4. Network Getting out there and meeting people can be a great way to hear about positions before they get put online. Schmoozing business contacts can be particularly useful if you know what line of work you want to get into or even a dream company you'd like to work for. Look out for tailor-made job networking meet-ups which are held all over Germany. 5. Recruitment fairs Offline, job recruitment fairs can be a great way to meet German employers face-to-face. Make a good impression by dressing smart and asking specific questions about the company to show you're really interested. Look out for specific fairs that might suit you - job fairs are regularly held for graduates, or there may be one specific for your industry, for foreigners or language speakers. 6. Learn German Nobody is expecting you to be able to give a physics lecture or discuss the works of Marx auf Deutsch, but there's no doubt you'll be much more employable with basic German. A minimum of a B2 level language course is usually required in many workplaces. "It's so important, I can't say it enough: Learn German," career adviser Heidi Störr from Push Your Career told The Local. "Of course there are branches where you can work without German, but most people won't be able to get away with this. The better your German, the better chances you have of getting a job."  (Jan 18, 2014 | post #1)

Devere Group Barcelona International Financial Advisors

Source: https://www.devere /page/home.aspx A career within the deVere Group, the world’s largest independent advisory consultancy, opens up a world of limitless opportunity. deVere Group aims to recruit graduates who have just finished university and are looking to start a career as a financial adviser in a rapidly expanding, dynamic company. deVere Group also recruits professionals who are already established within the financial services industry and want to seek out the next step in their career within a company with a solid reputation. Whatever stage you’re at in your career, deVere Group wants to hear from you. In less than ten years, deVere Group has became the world’s leading independent financial advisory organisation. We now have 70 offices in some of the world’s major cities including Miami, Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, Paris, Milan, London, Cape Town, Moscow, Istanbul and Shanghai to name a few. We are where we are today by combining hard work, industry intelligence and excellent service, and we are always on the lookout for exceptional people to join our growing team of international financial advisers, consultants and planners. We seek people who embody the culture of the company – the will to succeed and achieve our goals and targets and provide the best financial services possible to our clients. deVere Group’s advisers benefit from: • Industry-recognise d qualifications and training, along with the opportunity to continually expand your professional skills. • A strong and established management team and ongoing personal mentoring from senior managers and directors with years of experience in financial services. • Access to a vast array of innovative ‘tools’ of the trade, world-class marketing materials, groundbreaking new technologies, ongoing technical support and market advice from some of the most experienced and accomplished figures in financial advisory circles • Market-leading and exclusive products • Strategic, tailored partnerships with other major finance houses including JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Generali and STM amongst others • An upbeat, fast-paced, internationally-fo cused working environment in which team members are always acknowledged and rewarded for a job well-done • The prestige of being part of a globally-respected , responsible organisation founded on the core values of putting clients first, trust, teamwork, winning, and doing the right thing What we offer: • An opportunity to live and work wherever you want in the world • Outstanding prospects for development in your financial career • A professional training programme to build foundations for a career in finance, including the internationally-re cognised CISI Financial Advisor qualification • The opportunity to earn a spectacular salary Related Article: http://www.devere- countries/europe/s pain/barcelona.asp x  (Oct 21, 2013 | post #1)

The Tyler Group

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BP HOLDINGS | Rosneft te kopen BP uit Russische joint ven...

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