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Mar 20, 2010

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Cudahy child neglect: Two Cudahy mothers arrested, accuse...

Thanks, a mom. I, too saw the story (with pix) after my previous post. Race doesn't matter, as far as I'm concerned, but these type of stories often turn into racial arguments - which I think is ridiculous and irritating.  (Sep 21, 2010 | post #11)


Cudahy child neglect: Two Cudahy mothers arrested, accuse...

I agree! I've said my peace regarding the racial slant a story of this nature always seems to take, and I must admit that it should work both ways. If the media is going to rush to advertise the identity of minority perpetrators, they should do so when the individual is white, as well (as I'm guessing these Cudahy "mothers " are). No matter what ethnicity of these WOMEN WHO GAVE BIRTH (being a mother requires more than just carrying and delivering a child), they should receive the same treatment the 2 year old's "mother" did! They also deserve the same label - a selfish piece of s**t!  (Sep 20, 2010 | post #9)


Harley-Davidson: Harley-Davidson, unions agree on propose...

This story reeks of corporate greed. The upper management gets the idea that they should reduce hourly employee wages and benefits (by eliminating full-timers and replacing them with part-timers who are ineligible for them) in an effort to maintain their own fat salaries. They then cook up a scenario in which they threaten to close the doors of a facility and open up shop elsewhere if these concessions are not accepted. My gut tells me that this is a bluff on Harley's part, but if it were MY job on the line, I don't know if I'd have the stones to call it. I truly feel for the workers in this pickle - it's got to be frightening to face the possibility of looking for work at this point in time. I wish them the best of luck no matter how this pans out. SHAME ON HARLEY DAVIDSON!  (Sep 13, 2010 | post #34)


Child neglect: Milwaukee mother whose toddler was found w...

Here we go again - whenever a person of color does something outrageous and it gets reported or commented upon, the race card has to be played sooner or later. She is a complete waste of oxygen, and, yes, SHE IS BLACK. This thread was never about her race until someone of color brought it up. Johnson - go out and do something good for the community and stop trolling for a racism debate!  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #19)


FOX 6's Katrina Cravy Biography

I, too miss Katrina very much. Her combination of intelligence, empathy, and humor was the ideal mix of attributes for the news anchor position (she's quite easy on the eyes, to boot!). I understand and agree with her desire to change her work hours in order to devote more time to her family, which is why she no longer anchors the late news. It is, however, unfortunate for us viewers that, IMHO, the greatest anchor team Milwaukee news has ever seen (Katrina and Ted Perry) has been broken up. (sigh) Thanks for all these years, Kat. Best of luck to you in all you do!  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #14)


Child Neglect: Mother of toddler found wandering Milwauke...

Please disregard the second post. I had to re-type due to a submission glitch, and the original suddenly appeared.  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #37)


Child Neglect: Mother of toddler found wandering Milwauke...

This thread was not about race until someone of color (intentionally?) misinterpreted a comment as "racist" . Suddenly, it's not about a selfish, irresponsible mother, it's about a BLACK mother. It's disgusting that whenever a person of color commits a crime or acts out in an unacceptable way it should not be reported or commented upon lest you be labelled a racist. Being black, hispanic, etc. and having a "hard life" does not excuse you from being responsible for your own decisions and actions. This girl is, quite simply, a piece of s**t. She chose to have sex and get pregnant at too early an age, and then chose to ignore her parental responsibilities and indulge her selfish ways - and yes, she is black. This is not to say that all blacks deserve to be labelled as such, but THIS ONE DOES! This is not a racist statement, it's a statement of FACT.  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #36)


Child Neglect: Mother of toddler found wandering Milwauke...

This thread was not about race until a person of color (intentionally?) misinterpreted a statement to be a racist remark. Suddenly, it's no longer about the mother being irresponsible and careless, it's about anyone speaking out against her being a racist. It's really disgusting that it always comes to this when a person of color decides to commit a crime or act out in an unacceptable manner. The fact is that people of all races do things that society finds shocking, sickening, maddening, etc., but if the perpetrator was not white it should not be reported or commented upon, because to do so makes you a racist. This mother is , quite simply, a selfish, irresponsible piece of s**t. She is also black. This is not to say that ALL black people deserve to be labelled as such, just this one. Being black does not excuse her actions, as some would suggest. She made all the choices to put herself into the situation she now faces, and having a "hard life" had nothing to do with her choosing to have sex and get pregnant at too early an age, nor choosing to ignore her parental responsibility and go off for a period of time to indulge herself. Her selfish lifestyle seems to be contributing far more than racism to yet another generation of young people that will have a "hard life" to blame their actions of the future on. Maybe it's time to take responsibility for your own decisions and actions and stop screaming "racism" , people of color. This is not a racist statement, it's a statement of FACT.  (Sep 11, 2010 | post #35)


Officers force justified: Oak Creek officers fatal shooti...

Forget everything this individual "might" have done prior to the arrival of police - intelligent, decent, law-abiding people don't lead cops on a high-speed chase and then attempt to steal a police vehicle (which probably has a shotgun or assault rifle in it). Given what this thug was KNOWN to have done (as witnessed by the dash cams), the police acted in a manner to put a definite stop to his activities before he got the chance to step it up another notch and wreak even more havoc. If they had let him escape and he injured (or killed) someone - either in a motor vehicle accident while fleeing or by engaging in a shootout with the cops using the weaponry in the vehicle - the public outcry would be "why didn't they stop him when they had the chance?" I think they made the right decision.  (Sep 8, 2010 | post #58)


Train Lawsuit: Elm Grove man sues train company after the...

The woman who stopped on the tracks (as obviously stupid as she proved herself to be) is not the only idiot in this story. The lawyer who agreed to take this case is a real brainiac, as well. I know, I know - there are many lawyers out there who will pursue these frivolous lawsuits, but this one has no chance whatsoever of being won. I'm sure he (or she) is hoping for a settlement, but I can't imagine that it's going to be worth the stigma of being known as the **** lawyer who took this RIDICULOUS case to court!  (Mar 31, 2010 | post #30)


Police Car Chase: Milwaukee Police change their pursuit p...

I agree 100% - if you were to call and complain, "the brotherhood" would make the issue go away in a heartbeat with some lame excuse. I have seen Milwaukee police do all sorts of "creative " driving over the years. They speed excessively (often with no headlights in the middle of the night), go the wrong way up one-way streets, make illegal U-turns, etc. I'm not talking about when they are actively looking for someone or in pursuit - this is while they are simply "patrolling ". They are above the law, and they know it - there's no way they're going to get ticketed while driving a police vehicle, so they do as they please whenever they like. The one I see frequently is the "turn on the lights to run a red light then turn them off" game. They're in no hurry, mind you - they (like all of us) just don't like sitting at a red light. On the issue of chasing "suspects ", I think something does have to be done to limit the innocent folks getting into accidents as a result of the chase, but announcing that people who flee will no longer be pursued is not the answer. As has been stated previously in this forum, it's like giving permission to the bad guys to escape justice by doing a little reckless driving. Furthermore, they will still cause accidents while doing so, I'm sure. Good citizens - leave Milwaukee now before things REALLY get out of hand!  (Mar 31, 2010 | post #24)


Tanning Tax: New health care reform increases tax on tann...

It seems that the old Beatles song "Taxman" is becoming more and more like a premonition than a "diddy" lately. We're being misled if we buy into the notion that it's all in an effort to improve the overall health of the country, though. The reality is that the government is looking for new INCOME, and they are focusing on things that people will, for the most part, continue to purchase on a regular basis regardless of the higher price - thus providing a regular and permanent inflow of cash. I would see things differently if the monies collected were put towards the "added" health care costs incurred by their respective users, but we all know this is not the case. I wonder what will happen if people actually do give up the habits being taxed and the projected increase in revenue dries up. What will be the next thing to be overtaxed? Oh yeah - energy and fuel. Wait and see, folks! Believe me, this is not the end of it, either. With all the new "programs " Obama & Co. has in mind, the government is going to need alot more of our money in the future. It seems to me that this is a time for ALL OF US (you too, Uncle Sam) to cut back on spending, not initiate new expenditures we can't afford and then get "creative " to find new income to cover the costs.  (Mar 28, 2010 | post #19)


WE Energies: Public Service Commission of Wisconsin appro...

I've read some of your posts, and my,my - you're certainly the angry type, aren't you? BTW, who's Brad?  (Mar 28, 2010 | post #19)


Northridge Mall Sold: Old Northridge mall bought by Chine...

You know, it's really disgusting how some folks use this forum as a means to spread their narrow-minded hate. They spew insults and ignorance under the guise of being privy to some "truth" the rest of us have overlooked. The fact is, reopening this mall will create new jobs for the city (TAXPAYING jobs), will resurrect a decaying building and grounds, and will possibly offer alternative goods that are currently not available in this area (such as asian foods and spices). NOBODY WILL BE FORCED TO SHOP THERE. I, too, am a proud American. All things being equal, I prefer to spend my money on American-made goods and services, but the sad fact is that "American-mad e" does not always mean "superior quality", as once may have been the case. Many times, there are better products made overseas than their American counterparts, and I want the most value for my dollar. If that means buying imported goods, so be it. As has been said in previous posts, we Americans need to wake up to the fact that, like it or not, times have changed, and this is truly a WORLD economy we live in. The time for egotism and swagger is long gone, and we must again focus on hard work and creativity to regain our position at the top of the world's manufacturers.  (Mar 27, 2010 | post #55)

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