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Oct 26, 2013

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Davin, WV

Solving Family Mysteries

Well, one of the problems is that the school was an old wooden building, and it burned down sometime later in the late 60's/early 70's I think or thereabouts. Also, at the time there were apparently no centralized records/copies kept that I have been able to locate....some of my later school years, Junior High and so on were rather easily accessed, since they did have a central recordkeeping system, but Mallory was very small, and computers at the time were of course only found in Science fiction books ... I will try other avenues though. I guess a lot of records were just stored at the school....I was able to find some grades from elementary school that were reported to the Junior High School for my entry into 7th grade, which was pretty cool...apparently I was a fairly well behaved and marginally intelligent little one time anyway.... I see that you posted your reply at the first of the year, but for whatever reason I missed any notice that may have been generated/sent about your reply until it arrived in my email inbox today...Thank You!!! I'd forgotten about posting this as well...Isn't old age wonderful?  (Oct 25, 2014 | post #3)

Davin, WV

Solving Family Mysteries

Hello, I am looking specifically for information about Mallory Elementary School. I was enrolled there for my entire time, 1st thru 6th grades. Some of my teachers were Mrs. Hunter, for 6th grade I think, but not sure.. One of my teachers was the Principal's wife, and I cannot recall their names to save my life.(I do however, remember his paddle...(LOL) Anything that you can contribute would be greatly appreciated. The time period was 1960-1966-1967 or so... I have absolutely nothing left from those days at all to help jog my memory. I have no pictures, no report cards, nothing at all...  (Oct 26, 2013 | post #1)

2012 Presidential Election

Zients:'s problems will be fixed in a month

I see you have consumed a double portion of the kool-aid. Obamacare is perhaps the worst piece of legislation to ever be signed into law. Signed into law by ignorant sheep who had NO idea of the travesty they were perpetrating upon the American public, the now well-known truth is that NO ONE actually READ the damn thing in its entirety prior to signing. Everyone was caught up in the "Hopey/Change y" propaganda that this administration is so well known for. Obama is good for only one thing...that being the possession of a "vision" better suited to an author of fantasy and fiction rather than a down-to-earth real-world approach to real-world problems. His promises of keeping your own doctor, healthcare insurance premiums going down, and so on have all been proven to be lies.....the opposite is true...and should you choose not to embrace this BS he's handing you, you face fines for non-compliance... I was under the impression that in America, its citizens were free to purchase/or not purchase goods and services as they pleased... What does it spell when your government says "buy this or we will punish you"??? You ignorant pissant... It spells and smells of a dictatorial bent on the part of Washington... And while we are at it, tell me why in Gods name does Washington make these laws apply to everyone BUT themselves? I guess they know something that you, you ignorant sheep, do not... We are not ALL asleep... So before you get on your so-called "intellectual " soapbox there Skippy, you should realize that despite his misspellings and his grammar, the guy you are lecturing to realizes something that you can't. He's American, and he's Free. Think about that "ha ha" in Frisco before you lecture anyone else.  (Oct 26, 2013 | post #26)