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Nov 13, 2008

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Silver City, NM

Chino Mines to hire for 570 positions (11:45 a.m.)

I wonder if they will hire any local contractors this time. Last time Chino was open the only good business to be in Grant county was renting motel rooms for all the out of town contractors. They dont really tend to spend that much money locally, yes the bars are full everynight, but there pay checks go back to AZ, UT, NV to be spent by thier families. We need local JOBS!!  (Dec 17, 2010 | post #31)

Silver City, NM

Skaters shut out after cop hurt

Consider that it it is unlikely, if a police officer was injured while arresting someone at the town swimming pool for a rule violation, that the pool would be shut down. A simple solution to helmet enforcement has always been for our council to followed what the state of New Mexico's Child Safety Helmet act, passed in 2007, actually calls for regarding the enforcement of helmet laws: "The Child Helmet Safety Act of New Mexico is very similar to existing state laws in that it does not require helmet use by adults, nor is there any intention to emphasize enforcement or punishment. 5 existing state laws have no provision for enforcement or require verbal warnings only, while all the other states allow for small fines, usually no more that $25 - $50 that typically can be waived with proof of helmet purchase. New Mexico will have a maximum of a civil fine (no record) of $10 that can be waived with proof of purchase of a helmet, and a municipal option of "verbal warnings only." The intent of the bill is to protect and educate children and their parents, not punish them. Primary enforcement is intended to be implemented by parents, teachers and recreational supervisors, not law enforcement. We have included the option of "verbal warnings only" as a permanent option for municipalities, as we want to emphasize that this bill is primarily educational, with primary enforcement coming from parents, educators, mentors and recreational supervisors."  (Feb 10, 2009 | post #53)

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Silver City, NM