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Oct 5, 2013

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Belmont, NC

House dividing Belmont dwellers

Absolutely not me! My couple of posts have my name beside them. I will not hide behind an anonymous status. This site is unhealthy and unproductive for EVERYONE on it. I simply posted for those that did not have any information or had bad information.  (Oct 6, 2013 | post #17)

Belmont, NC

allison loves d rating with bbb

INTERESTING...if you made a complaint to was answered and they closed the case in favor of Allison Love's Fine Jewelry. There have been 5 complaints in 15 years of business. All closed and in our favor. Your does not add up because returning customers are not asked for receipts as we keep all on file for every customer! I believe you are posting a fake scenario I order to mislead others. PS we do not "special order" Diamonds. We have them on hand. This forum allows people to HIDE their identity and say things that are not true.  (Oct 6, 2013 | post #14)

Belmont, NC

allison loves d rating with bbb

I am the potential tenant for the historic home at 123 north Main Street. My parents were in business for over 40 years and I have been in business for 15 years in Rock Hill and 5 in Charlotte.I love your small town of Belmont. I originally joined the Montcross Chamber 5 years ago and have done business with many local Belmont businesses over the years. I eat in Belmont very often and know many of your residents and business owners. I respect everyone's opinions but would like to give you some additional information as well as clear up some you already have. We have won York County's people choice award 12 of the past 13 years. We advertise across the region. We support several local charities as well as The Arthritis Foundation. I believe in shopping local and we hosted the kick off for chambers shop local campaign and other events in Rock Hill. We would LOVE to be a participating business in your local economy. Our BBB rating is A-. We have had 5 complaints in 15 years and all have been closed in our favor. The low rating was due to one of the 5 that had not been answered and it is now closed ...also in our favor. We appreciate your consideration of the other jeweler in town. That is how I would expect a small town to act. Some of the other commentary is NOT what I would expect of anyone without facts. What I personally bring to the table is a positive outlook, marketing and leadership skills to market to people outside of Belmont and a selection of fine jewelry very different from what your other jewelers offer. I am business friendly and enjoy relationships with other local business owners. We offer great service and selection and will bring new people to Belmont to shop and dine. All I can request of you is a chance to show you that we will be a great addition to your community.  (Oct 6, 2013 | post #13)