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Oct 29, 2008

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Briton to be deported from Philippines for victimizing women

Denmark is a beautiful country. My neighbor has a sister (married to a Danish man) residing there. I used to go to the Swagman Hotel in Manila, across from the US Embassy, and the Aussies bring in their "prossies " (one told me she was 13) to that hotel for a week of fun and games and a week of shopping, as they are called-up and used as escorts for vacationing Aussies...and possibly other foreigners coming into Manila, as well. Although I did not engage in any of the monkey business, as I was a working attorney and stayed there at the expense of this American who was divorcing a Filipina, this older American was completely fleeced of over $200,000 while staying there by a "John", and provider of a woman he brought in from Samar just for the American. Drugs were the part-cause of the American's demise, but this American would not listen to the obvious. Anyway, like "timincal " mentioned, it is ironic that advertisements for MOB's are right on this same web page. I met my wife in the US legitimately through the subdivision civic improvement association of which I was president of in Texas. She came to the US as an associate of the American family who hired my wife (before we were married), as a visitor on the auspices of this family. She resided in the same subdivision. I courted Ester for 5 years, then, a year later we were married (in our 6th year of knowing each other). That was in 1988. She was 37 years old at the time, I was 45; both our first marriages. Then, in 1993, along came our first child. Perfectly normal. Pogi. We are very well-to-do because of my former work, and now at retirement (I'am 65) we still have lots to do together in raising our 15-year old son and providing a fantastic home life for him. But, this is the "dream" life, most Filipina's want...and need, but selling themselves to nasty-minded foreigners make matters impossible to live with in their young lives. Too bad more cannot be done to qualify incoming profiles such as this British guy. He ought to pay for his lifestyle.  (Oct 29, 2008 | post #8)

Bangor, ME

Amish couple hope to settle here in Maine

At least these newcomers are not lazy, uncivilized, drunkards, uncaring, nor think Maine folks are all stupid, backwoods, or lost-in-space people like current out-of-stater's consider Maine people to be. (Wait until the casino and Plum Creek get rolling). I know the Amish. They are very nice and great people to know. However, they do not like trends too modern and they also do not like "welcome wagons" or people too friendly to get close to them. Please respect their ways and culture...this has been going on longer than this generation or the last generation in Maine existed.  (Oct 29, 2008 | post #3)