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Feb 15, 2011

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Hudson, OH

Hudson OH Taxpayers are #1 .., pay for public employees

The ABJ reports that Hudson taxpayers graciously pay our Police Chief the highest salary of any Akron area community: "Hudson has the highest Summit County median household income at $113,690, according to the most recent federal figures, and pays its chief $114,000." m/news/116103479.h tml Perhaps "graciously " is inaccurate, as we elect a City Council to make those salary decisions. Recent Councils, like recent School Boards, have seen it fit to pass along regular pay increases for public employees, despite a negligible inflation rate and no COLA in Social Security for several years. This is not about whether this particular person is worth the pay he receives, so I am not even mentioning him by name. The issue is that councils and boards have been permitted to possibly overpay public employees either because they know taxpayers are "good for it," or they are fearful of upsetting the staff or being threatened by a strike. Part of these decision-makers justification for above average pay scales is found in this ABJ article, our city "median income" --as if the median income is the basis for paying public employees. Shouldn't it be set by the prevailing salary in other cities? Is that why Hudson teachers are at the top of the pay scale among area systems? This is yet another piece of evidence in favor of Senate Bill 5. School boards and Councils have shown that they are poor negotiators on behalf of their "bosses" - the taxpayers, partially because they fear strikes. SB 5 takes away the union threats that poor administrators use to justify overly generous wage and benefit packages. Call or write State Sen. LaRose [email protected] He will be under tremendous union pressure to keep the status quo. Can we continue to afford this?  (Feb 15, 2011 | post #1)