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Jul 5, 2013

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Cure Scabies with Food Grade Diatomacious Earth, Non Toxic

i just picked diasource diatomaceous earth from feed store food grade organic supposedly better or just as good as permaguard. about to get some grape seed oil. how to add a 1/4 to grapeseed oil or rather how to measure in powder? took 2 teaspoons of it internally and added some to my current mixture of clove oil tea tree, neem and witch hazel.(it helps with coping with itch have been using it for one day but not sure if it will cure the scabies. I am seriously desperate My LIFE has been consumed with this horrible affliction of scabies. My work is suffering, I cant even see my newborn son for fear of passing it on to him. Also the mother is struggling and i have spent at least close to 1300 in doctors, creams, stromectal, hotel rooms, cleaning supplies, more doctors. and nearly comtemplated rather being dead. it wasn't until yesterday i got relief praying to jesus and my pastor and friends I stumbled upon a relief spray of coconut oil tee tree neem and clove oil. I also applied clove oil direct burned but was manageable. not nearly as bad as borax and hydrogen peroxide and bleach and alcohol and scrubbing my skin i started getting like reptile skin around the neck and freaked the f... out. that God he blessed me with some new knowledge. I am praying this de and grapeseed oil will work. just need to know how much powder to put in etc. and how much to put in windex bottle etc.  (Jul 5, 2013 | post #390)