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Nov 17, 2011

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Organic Food

New Organic Buying Club

Beyond Organic has actually launched and doing business as of Nov 1, 2011. Great cultured dairy, cheese, spring fresh water,whey protein beverages, green fed beef and more to come. http://eatrightgoo rganic.mybeyondorg  (Nov 23, 2011 | post #5)

Organic Food

Find local organic food and farmers

This is a good site for finding local organic food, farmers and markets. Also has a forum. I believe it's for USA and some of Canada only. http://www.localha  (Nov 20, 2011 | post #1)

Organic Food

Door to Door Organics

Wish I had something like Door to Door in my area. Maybe soon.  (Nov 20, 2011 | post #6)

Organic Food

Free Range

Great video. In the past year I've begun to more deeply understand the importance of getting good fresh organic range-free green-fed food. Thanks for posting.  (Nov 20, 2011 | post #2)

Organic Food

Thanksgiving survival tips

I'll be rooting for you to succeed. Takes a lot of courage to open yourself up to total strangers. Blessings!  (Nov 17, 2011 | post #2)

Organic Food

Superior Quality Organic Foods and Beverages

*I tried posting this before, so if it posted twice, please know it was a mistake and forgive me. ================== ================== ================== ================== ================== ============ Beyond Organics, founded by Jordan Rubin author of The Maker's Diet and founder of "Garden of Life" health supplements. The mission is to transform the health of this nation and world, one life at a time by creating superior quality foods and beverages while teaching the principles of healthy eating, abundant living and environmental stewardship. *Beef from cattle green fed-- grasses, herbs, forbs and legumes *Animals have a peaceful, happy existence on open pastures *DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME *Green fed cultured dairy with needed probiotics *Mountain fresh spring water *Whole food cultured spring water sports drinks *Certified organic dark chocolate containing probiotics, fiber, antioxidants, Omega 3s *Raw cultured organic cheeses Go here and get organic products that exceed the current organic standards. For more information or if you're just curious, click the link below: http://eatrightgoo Allen Williams Beyond Organic Independent Mission Marketer email: [email protected]  (Nov 17, 2011 | post #1)