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Apr 28, 2014

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Roane County, TN

Editorial: TVA deserves credit for coal-ash spill cleanup...

Things that have not really made public --- I used to belong to the plumbers and steamfitters 102, I worked contract labor on various projects at Kingston for 8 years. The Ash pond had ruptured previous to the big one. The engineers repaired it and I worked on modifications to the overflow piping. I was there for a minute. Absolutly no one had a remote idea the pond could fail in such a way. Kingston steam plant was built for one purpose. : The production of electricity for the manufacture of NUCLEAR WEAPONS . Kingston was allowed to operate in this manner because it was considered a strategic resource. IMO kingston was just a consequence of the cold war. They will eventually poison our entire biosphere with reactor piles like Fuckashima, that's another story that's not talked about enough. As far as the workers go, THEY know what they are being exposed to. Thats why they use contract workers who sign their bodies away for money. The only regret I have is I only had one body to mess up working for them. We worked in conditions much worse inside the building and went into the boilers knowing the permissible exposure level of just one heavy metal (arsenic) was 45 times above the limit. LMAO TVA prostituted us like a truck stop lot lizard and when the project was over they sent us on our way with our last check and layoff slip. I salute all the workers there and If I could do it again. I would. Signed: Down with it.  (Apr 28, 2014 | post #11)

Roane County, TN

Dean is cheap

YEs Dean Is out of prison HE done his time and paid his debt . AS far as it goes for me (Allen) I havent done anything to go to prison for. Do I have a jacket ? (record) Sure I do its public record. Im the guy that you can set behind that computer and say there goes the bad man or whatever. Who are you ? Talk is cheap in a public forum You're a real big man sir. Message me for my adress and you can come by and we'll talk about the details Tommy .  (Apr 28, 2014 | post #1)