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Oct 31, 2012

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If you need a translator in Hangzhou (China)

With 4 years working experience in a Chinese factory which manufactures and exports products to other countries as General Manager Assistant, know very well about Chinese factories and international business. 2 years working experience in US to build own brands there, working with foreign coworkers, sourcing products in China. Know well on products sourcing and factory choosing. 2 years purchase representative for U.S. company in China to help handle the factory visiting, products quality control, package design things etc.. Working two years in U.S. that helps me make some good friends there, they all say allan is a compatible, honest, easy going, patient, useful, good hearted person...My foreigner friends love to travel with allan, allan always help arrange everything good for them. Allan is actived to help foreigner in the airport, on the plan, in the train station, some of them said allan was an angle girl, haha^_^! Although I am a new here, no direct feedback from client, but I am sure if you are my client, you will be willing to give allan good comments. Personality: Honest -- will not get extra-commission from persuading to buy things that you do not need! Easy going -- No need to worry about how you will get along with your companion(interpre ter) when you in China. Good at Negotiations -- You will get best prices whatever you will buy in China, help to save your money much more than you pay for me. know well about China--Know well about Chinese food, tradition, and traditional stories, as much as I like read and go out to enjoy the nature sights, know much about these things! Polite Driver -- Drove 2 years in US which helped allan build good driving habits. No need to worry about the crazy taxi drivers in China, If you are only one person, or two people, can ride with my small car! ……. Allan loves tea, taking photos... if you love these things too, we can have much better time together! You will have a good time in China with allan, no matter you come to China for vacation or for business, You will get a good companion and enjoy your trip! Looking forwards to companing and being friends with you!  (Nov 1, 2012 | post #1)