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Jun 24, 2007

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KUSA Denver

Sidetracks - Police: NY robber refuses $10, takes $4

Baby! We ain't got nothing but love for ya!!  (Aug 29, 2007 | post #27)

KUSA Denver

9NEWS - Top News Article - Crime down in Mile High City b...

Crime is not down - maybe Felony filings, but not misdemeanors - which at the DA's office are up 4000 cases from 2006 and it's not even the end of the year!  (Aug 18, 2007 | post #3)

KUSA Denver

Dragging death suspect pleads not guilty

No, actually it was the entire banter between both of you, but since you had to put me down and my comment was non-threatening in any way, well, we see who the bigger cry baby is.  (Aug 5, 2007 | post #175)

KUSA Denver

Dragging death suspect pleads not guilty

Who are you kidding? There isn't a defense attorney alive, let alone one who works for the State, who is "usually on the side of the prosecution". Private attorneys do it for the cash - regardless of what they believe - and PD's only do it for the trial experience so they can go out and make a ton of cash. Look at DA's - some are there for their whole career. PD's are good for 5 years?? What an idiot you are.  (Aug 4, 2007 | post #166)

KUSA Denver

Dragging death suspect pleads not guilty

I'm so turned on I can't stand it! :)  (Aug 4, 2007 | post #165)

KUSA Denver

Flooding, heavy rain possible again through evening

We maybe got 3 drops of rain up in Thornton. It looks like November, everything is so dry...  (Aug 4, 2007 | post #3)

KUSA Denver

Star Jones: I had gastric bypass surgery

LMAO!!  (Jul 31, 2007 | post #32)

KUSA Denver

Truck, loaded with apples, plunges 150 feet into creek

Everyone wants to be you!  (Jul 22, 2007 | post #12)

KUSA Denver

Couple may lose home over $1.63 tax bill

Hey Dagoth...who's your psycho stalker?  (Jul 17, 2007 | post #14)

KUSA Denver

Thunderstorms producing heavy rain, hail

lmfao!! Exactly what I was thinking!!  (Jul 12, 2007 | post #13)

KUSA Denver

9NEWS - Top News Article - Storms move through metro area

Thornton also!!  (Jul 7, 2007 | post #3)

KUSA Denver

4-year-old called 911 nearly 300 times

How come no one has addressed the fact that a child is calling 911 and it took 300 calls for someone to show up at the house? Good thing there wasn't an emergency and she was being abused. I have to disagree with SWAT showing up and kicking the door in (altho, I usually have to agree with Dagoth) it is not a good idea to make children afraid of police. She won't call if she really is in need of help.  (Jul 7, 2007 | post #61)

KUSA Denver

Corn ethanol may impact the price of beer

Heya RM - what happens Jan 19, 2009??  (Jul 5, 2007 | post #19)

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