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Oct 25, 2009

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Are jockstraps considered a gay thing now?

At my school in the UK in the 1980s there wasn't any rule about underwear under PE shorts, but our shorts were white nylon and see-through, even when they were dry. I do not recall any boy wearing a jock-strap, but many wore tight briefs or Speedos under their shorts. There were no rules about what to wear under our shorts, the punishment was that everyone had the humiliation of their underwear being visible during PE, athletics and cross country. It seems that jock straps were originally used as they gave more support than saggy cotton underpants. When tighter briefs and Speedos came in during the 1970s, boys probably wore them instead of jock straps. When boxers came into fashion, compression shorts started to become popular, though these were not at first allowed in schools, and swimming trunks were encouraged. Now boys sometimes wear compression shorts on their own, which of course leave nothing to the imagination! I still like wearing PE kits, and I do own a jock strap, which I bought just to see what it was like. I have to say that it is very comfortable to wear, and totally visible under white nylon shorts. Jock straps seem to be a good support for most sports. As to whether the jock strap is gay, it is no more gay than nylon shorts, wearing Speedos for support, or compression shorts with a large bulge. They are gay if those things turn you on, but many sportsmen seem to treat them as just another piece of performance-enhanc ing equipment.  (Oct 25, 2009 | post #32)