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Jul 21, 2007

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Great problem with my weight

Lexi, If you would like to audition for the Walt Disney company you can find it at: www.disneyaudition This is for all of the entertainment areas of the company and most every resort is on there. Are equity contracts are only offered to those 18 and above, so when you are of age come on out and show us what you've got! I am not sure of an all inclusive dance audition site but I am sure you can look if up online. For actors we have the "greenroom orlnado" site if you would like to check there in the off chance that there may be something there or they may have links to other sites that may contain what you are looking for. As for you hip/thighs question. First off, make sure that it is fat on your thighs and not just your bones getting wider. If it is just bone, don't worry. The rest of your body will catch up in due time. If it is in fact fat: Does your mother have fat on her thighs? If so it may be genetic. That is just where you store your fat. If you would like to build muscle in that area, I suggest getting a resistance band or thermatube. Tie the band to something sturdy, like a pole, and do abductions and abductions on both sides. That should help you work the muscles lying underneath. As for the fat, just continue to workout or give a slight increase (if you can) and take in LESS fatty foods. I stress less because you should never cut fat out completely, especially at your age. There are fat soluble vitamins that you need to grow and stay healthy that can not be absorbed with out fat. Make sure that you are eating consistently thought the day. (Small portions) Eat healthy snacks when ever you feel a little hungry and never eat just because it is "time to eat". Don't upset you parents though. Explain what you are doing so they understand if you are not present at the dinner table every now and then. I hope I was able to help with your concerns and let me know how it goes! I hope to see you out at Disney in a few years! Keep dancing! Sincerly, Alexie Star  (Jul 23, 2007 | post #81)



I am right there with you Dancer! Good advice Neviah! If you are looking for something sweet you can eat strawberries. They have the least amount of sugar of all of the berries. Give that a try if you are craving sweets.  (Jul 21, 2007 | post #6)


Injured - how long will it take to heal?

A pop is not a good sound! You could have really injured your self! I would not recommend pushing your stretches until you see a doctor. I don't know but it sounds like you could have strand or ripped your muscle or tendon. The pop is a indicator of a possible tear. Just be careful! it could be nothing more than a pull but I would check it out. Tell you teacher/coach as well. Hope you all feel better!  (Jul 21, 2007 | post #9)

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