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Apr 6, 2007


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Investment Banking

Stocks tumble amid new Wall Street landscape

With the economy now on the mend and optimism somewhat higher for those that have not been terribly affected by this debacle, I though I should do an update on this posting. In the last issuye of my "Hopeful Als Weekly", 7th May , I wrote.. "Swine Flu is abating. US Banks need to increase capital by US$73 billion, but no one is batting an eyelid. The money is there. Chyrsler-Fiat deal is going through despite it being in chap 11. IMF warns that Asia will take longer to recover but projects a 1.3% growth this year and 4.3% in 2010. AIG's first quarter losses have narrowed and there is no need for more bailouts. Even Lehman, one of the early major businesses crashers is now helping to lift the profits for Barclays, the company that took it over. Chinese Banks have eased on the wave of credits it has been pumping to support businesses. This may dampen the Chinese stock markets somewhat but is definitely a sign of a strengthening economy." The May 7th Issue of Hopeful Als Weekly may be found at l The stock markets expected to face a correction int he coming weeks. How strongly would pessimism exert itself to exagerate the bull run is yet to be seen. However I believe the determination of people to stay positive and create for themselves a better life will overcome the gloom and doom.  (May 16, 2009 | post #446)


Bush: Problem Is Not Capitalism

In the last century American Presidents and their people has championed the cause of capitalism and a free society. That battle has been won and worldwide, liberal and permissive values are the order of the day. As pioneers and champions of causes, we all know that often we win the war and lose it. Capitalism, individual freedom are today Universal and no longer American Values. Where human injustice, tyranny exists, it is usually an aberration of the free system rather than a remnant of any autocratic, state planning system. President Bush constantly sees himself as the crusading white knight. I admire him for that. I pray that the new administration and American people will realize that they have won, and begin to to partner other nations to manage a Global Capitalistic Economy in an universal and not in the American Way. America will undoubtedly continue to lead, not based on the strength of it war arsenal but because of its knowledge, enterprise and initiative. But the world has to go through systemic change...relations hip between nations, people and the role of global economic organization like the world bank, IMF, WTO. Its fixing the system...even the basics of how supply relates to demand.  (Nov 15, 2008 | post #2)

Investment Banking

Stocks tumble amid new Wall Street landscape

There is a Direct Marketing story in this whole financial debacle. A long long time ago, people banked their money with bank which then lend it to other other customers...pretty directly until the advent of the investment banks that put a creative into the flow of these funds. This "intermediary " became so successful that it began to drive the process. The original and basic purpose of people placing deposits in banks and lending from banks bacame totally distorted into a mad and greedy drive towards wealth creation and lazy life of pushing a few buttons to make a fortune on Wall Street. With the dismantling of Investment Banks one wonders what the new scenarios will be? Will new players simply emerge to take the place of those that are gone... or will the structure of the financial industry change fundamentally or even go back to the basics? Do we really need this intermediary level to create the hype and spin the wheels?  (Sep 18, 2008 | post #367)

Direct Marketing

There are more to Direct Marekting than Scams and TM abuses

I am a little tired with the features in the forum. There must be more about direct it makes marketing more effective, more relevant and enjoyable to the customer because of superior targeting. Even over the internet, I am beginning to find more and more relevant information being sent to me. The other stuff has also grown....but I always jsut ignore them and treasure the useful information that I receive. Certainly hope to read more positive stories about how DM has benefited people and made their lives better.  (Feb 19, 2008 | post #1)

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing ain't what it used to be-it's better

I certainly agree. We use to target at limited audiences because databases were harder to built. We also used fewer types of media. In such a situation we hit the limits of constraint quickly creating marketing fatigue. With today's constantly expanding databases and audiences reachable by the increasing variety of personal media... the limits of constraint have been pushed further and constantly so. Hence direct marketing is able to create a more enjoyable and meaningful experience  (Jan 25, 2008 | post #1)

Direct Marketing

Canadian Charities Subject to Telemarketing Rules, Exempt...

In the area of charity, one has to differentiate between voluntary efforts and those by charity agencies that profit from soliciting funds. Whilst once can tolerate a little hassling and inexperienced persuasion from the former one cannot tolerate the often hard sell from the latter. When agencies are involved there is really difference from any commercial business. In any case I do not imagine that one to one outbound consumer call as the most cost-effect means to secure charitable funds.  (Jul 18, 2007 | post #1)

Direct Marketing

PC Video Streaming vs TV

Evidence is building showing that more people are watching videos on the PCs and abandoning their TVs. Audience generated content like those on U-Tube seems to be the most popular content today. As I look at these facts I begin to feel that what is critical is not the medium but the content. People today seem to like audience generated content. If there was way in which TV can allow audience generated may just regained its popularity. The popularity of virtual reality shows was perhaps the first indication that people were tired of screen directed shows acted by professional actors, preferring to see ordinary people on screen. Audience generated content is just an extension of this idea. Home movies, usually featuring funny events have always been popular. We always thought it was the humor that worked...perhaps the fact that it is audience created contributed much to its popularity. It probably time for TV to rethink its content...move completely out of its box.  (Jun 24, 2007 | post #1)

Direct Marketing

Pope Benedict speaks on Media and Children

Thre Pope spoke about "Children and the Media: A Challenge for Education" on the occasionof the 41st World Communcaiton Day. See http://www.vatican .va/holy_father/be nedict_xvi/message s/communications/d ocuments/hf_ben-xv i_mes_20070124_41s t-world-communicat ions-day_en.html Central to his message, though expressed implicitly is a call for all people, the media industry, legislators, audiences, parents to cut back on the "excessess " He says... "So often freedom is presented as a relentless search for pleasure or new experiences. Yet this is a condemnation not a liberation! True freedom could never condemn the individual – especially a child – to an insatiable quest for novelty. In the light of truth, authentic freedom is experienced as a definitive response to God’s ‘yes’ to humanity, calling us to choose, not indiscriminately but deliberately, all that is good, true and beautiful." It sould be good to know what the view of people are to this papal message. My views are found on my website at ion=content&ta sk=view&id=242 &Itemid=1  (May 23, 2007 | post #1)

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