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Feb 15, 2013

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Find Out Your True Friend

WHO REALLY LIKES YOU?! Fake Friends is a must have app for finding out who may not be a true friend. This app is a fun way of identifying the person with hidden feelings that you may not be aware. Who really has my back? Who really is a good friend? Curious who may just be faking a friendship? Just pull out this app and get results immediately after a photo is taken and the app processes. Finally find out who may be Fake Friends! Features: - Processing of faces to recognize the guilty party - Processing can be down on photos in your mobile library - Works like a fun "Reveal" app - Easy to Use - Point it at multiple people as a "few" people may be Fake Friends - Hilarious and Fun! - Fairly Accurate - Have a fun time discussing results with friends and family Usage: - Open App, point at family/Friends/ Coworkers faces as taking a photo. The app will process as it looks for the actual person/persons who may be Fake Friends. Click on the Camera button to take the photo revealing the person/persons. Download it:https://itunes. ake-friends/id5913 23142?mt=8  (Feb 21, 2013 | post #1)