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Sep 19, 2013

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Boosted Pro- Young talented professionals site.

It does not matter if you are 6, 16, or 60 – if you are individual with an undeniable talent, you deserve the opportunity to share it with the world. By utilizing the services of you are opening the door to new and exciting opportunities. will enable you to showcase your talent and connect you with the professionals that can help jumpstart your career. The founder, Alex Elbanna, has dedicated the past two years towards the launch of BoostedPro. With his drive to help others succeed and reach their full potential, Elbanna wanted to establish a platform for unrecognized talent. Over the past two years, Elbanna has built a strong foundation and obtained the necessary resources and clientele for this company in order to ensure success for its members. This site fosters real people, with real talent. The first step towards success is connecting with professionals who can provide you with the opportunity and tools to do so. Let us help you make those connections here at  (Sep 19, 2013 | post #1)