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May 22, 2010

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albanian men

Hello Zervas Whats wrong!? you got no money? Or did the bank closed their doors for you today?? Are you married or have kids?... are you on pension??? DONT WORRY !! Come here in Albania i give you 2 tons of Beans(fasule) 1 tons of Rice(pilaf) plenty of Panxhar And few cans of sardines.  (Jul 11, 2015 | post #33)

Jesus/Yeshua is the only way to God and eternal Salvation

Thats the problem. Many people are confused dear... just love god the way you are.  (Jul 11, 2015 | post #5)

albanian men

linku eshte i thyer.  (Apr 23, 2015 | post #25)

albanian men

Ca ke bo naj gjo?  (Apr 21, 2015 | post #22)