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Dec 7, 2006

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Science and Technology: Albanian scientists discuss alter...

read again and you might get the point, other wise don't reply.  (Jan 12, 2007 | post #17)

kush mendoni se duhet te perfaqesoj shqiperin ne eurovisi...

well done i like your opinion  (Jan 10, 2007 | post #53)

Where Is Osama Bin Laden?

gosh joker.... i just haven't stoped loughing with myself infront of the screen... well done mate good one.  (Jan 10, 2007 | post #169)

Science and Technology: Albanian scientists discuss alter...

It will be for those who belive in religion state of mind. But i'm sorry to break this 2 you. If you see yourself in the mirror, suppose that you see yourself in the universe. What would you see? Mmmm i belive wouldn't be any god there because you would see yourself who you truly are, because in this lonely world of ours that is left behind people are two minded. And well two minded people only think and not belive is a fact of science that you can't break it in peaces even if you try to make it up or pretend still won't work for those who aren't brain washed. Get the picture my dear friend. If i still had to say to you that there is no god, well it woudn't make sense to you. Because i already know my answer. Shame on you that you have been told wrongly. Because what you think is only an image and not a fact. But science is a fact, and for those who are scientist and belive in god i'm sorry but you just pretend to be one, because they can see the truth and not knowing. Knowing is a make up story, seeing is a fact of truth. Turn on the light: Maybe you might find the answer: THE LAND OF EAGLES bania_page  (Jan 10, 2007 | post #15)

Where Is Osama Bin Laden?

having a kinki day with his two lover Mr Bush and Mr Blair.. where else could it be once upon a time they were lovers to one another they can't just be enemies now  (Jan 10, 2007 | post #160)

Police arrest fugitive prisoner who once threatened Alban...

I wished that man had killed the president, he deserve it becuase they steal from Albania and not run Albania in a fair trade ecconomy. Our president is a criminal of human right is a criminal of stealing from the poor Albanins. He should be a shamed that he still stand as a Presidental form of Albania along with his two prime ministers "Fatos Nano" and "Sali Berisha" this people deserve to be hanged like "Sadam" trial did. Is 2007 already and not anymore 1990, Albania need a new face, a new attitude. Out the president of Albania along with his two sweet lovers "NANO" and "BERISHA " hang the three of them, kill them to death after all what they have done for us "THE ALBANIANS" THE LAND OF EAGELS.  (Jan 10, 2007 | post #1)

Wisner urges Kosovo's people to look to the future

YOU MIGHT CALL ALBANIA ANY KIND OF NAME THAT YOU LOVE TO. internationally we are known as albanian = shqiptare and we belive as one of them but for you is a fact that you are a slave and as a slave you will die, is there any worse thing than being a slave, pray to god if there is one for you, one day you will relise it what a definition of slave would mean to you mmm it can't be any worse  (Jan 9, 2007 | post #1386)

Wisner urges Kosovo's people to look to the future


Science and Technology: Albanian scientists discuss alter...

As anjust for a fact you didn't tell me, suppose you had a masive mosque in london right at westminister center. Please tell me the truth if you were Pure English would you like it to be right there, if you say yes i would say you are not english, because i know who english people are i work and live with them, never can such a thing happen. Why does in Albania. The true Albanian are not muslim and for those who were born in a muslim family were those people with no imagination of the fact what religion is after 45 years of atheism. I guess those people needed a help of need didn't even know what religion is after 45 years. But few muslim investors from far-east came over build up mousque in the beginning of democracy, people were in the need of help so those people learn the albanian that the only help you can get is allah or god whatever is called and from than religion in albania once and for all is 70 bloody % muslims.... gosh give me a break will ya, how can a nation after 45 years of atheism become a muslim... well you are telling me that no one is selling albania, i wouls say to you turn the light on coz you are in the dark my dear friend. even king zog made the value of gold less expensive than paper money at that time he was in the power, and after he collected all the gold from albanian he came and sold it in united kindom. i would say well done king zog you done your bit for albania you fucked us up big time... well now we have fatos nano which is a greek part and on the other site we have sali berisha which is far-east site and well where is the albanian part the president mmmm forgat is the italian part sooo there is no albanian part but they love to run albania so they could steal any time they want too who cares for the true albanians you have to experience the fact and not the image of albania coz i say nothing is true what so ever they say is just a fake world back in albania because is not the people that do it are the goverment that forces people to do sooooo but well still our foult if i say put them down is not a chance you can do that coz they run and control everything they'r the maffians * welcome to the real world * THE LAND OF EAGLES.  (Jan 9, 2007 | post #13)

Science and Technology: Albanian scientists discuss alter...

Sorry was my mistake the millenium. The main point is that, when i'm ready to go back to albania and live in Tirana would you think that i would be suprise by hearing 3 to 5 times a day the pray and in the capital! Of course no. Suppose the british build and huge masive mousque in the middle of leicester square now you tell me coz if i had to say face the reality again and again, the definition of reality wouldn't concerne anymore, because the word relality is just a fantasy of human image, coz the reality it self is in our brain and not outsite. Is like the brain process 400 billion processes in a second and we only use 2000 thousands of them in a second so where would the rest be how come we can't be able to use the rest of them, were is the reality here there isn't any reality, is just a base of imagination because if we had to use those 400 billions process in a second and we might be able to see what the reality is. Is a fact of science: And about religion in Albania is not the people that i care of, i don't care about the people coz they might be left over from atoman empire, all i care is that we have a beautful culture from the illyrians and it still stand in some part of albania but this people of religious are changing everything and i don't like this. The GOV are Wankers because they sell albania for money to the greeks and italians. Even the music in Albania is most of it turkish, greek, egyptian, gypsy, were is the tradition mate. There isn't anymore because of religous people, religion should not be aloud into the country at all even private not. I'm not racis about religion all i care of is the culture in Albania. And thats why i don't like religion in Albania Albania religion is shqiperia and we belong as shqiptare.  (Jan 9, 2007 | post #9)

kush mendoni se duhet te perfaqesoj shqiperin ne eurovisi...

motra kur e shikon adelinen ne foto, duket si nje prositute dhe ti me thua mua se ajo eshte mis bota the princeshe, na me vajze lushnja ma ke pare veten tende ne pasqyre keto kohet e fundit, dhe ti thua qe adelina te perfaqsoje shqiperine, dhe po ta lexosh mire komentin tim mbase e kupton ku e kisha fjalen. Une nuk thashe se ajo ka lindur ne turqi apo eshte turke, une thashe sepse ajo mi ka kenget si turqit dhe egjiptinet, motra po te jeshe shqiptare mbase e kupton cfare tradite ka shqiperia mire. Kill the muslims in Albania sepse ata nuk jane shqiptare te atdheut por mbeturinat qe ka lene turku mbrapa me kuptove tashti, tja kaloni mire pra naten nga une .  (Jan 8, 2007 | post #46)

Albanian Two-Headed Eagle Design Make Over - Amazing

What are you trying to say: Explain Pls. thanx. bania_page  (Jan 7, 2007 | post #2)

Science and Technology: Albanian scientists discuss alter...

Well UK! What do you know about Albania 5 millenium in war against Turks, 45 years shutdown from in and out Albania. Well Europe accuse Albania 70% of the population muslim do you think that is a good news for a true Albanian, i don't think so you do understand my opinion what i'm trying to say here, is because we have no time for those who live in Albania go and pray 5 bloody times a day and one thing is that we have the bloody mousque ( whatever is called ) in the middle of our capital city Tirana. What opinion do you have if you are a true English ( because i don't know who you are ) person and you see a big mousque in the middle of beautiful London city what would you say to me to your gov and to your patriotic people, face the reality. We Albanians don't have any religion like the rest of the world does we are the sons of eagle we call it shqiperia and that is our faith our religion whatever you and the world would call it. I'm not trying to be a racist here i'm trying to explain that we Albanians have no time to pray and destroy our beautiful culture because of religions even the language is changing everyday in foreign dialects what the hell do you know about it you don't if you were Albanian you might understand because you know history very well i've read some of your comment very impress. We first need to change the gov issues, because are them who who sell Albanian culture for money. For all the Albanins who are in Albania we need to put our gov down with force as well, neither the socialist or the democratic are making any difference or progress in Albania, they are only stealing from our beautiful Albania. Hope you understand my point UK. Nice day to you, take care mate. http://www.myspace .com/albania_page  (Jan 7, 2007 | post #7)

Say no to European Union, we want to be only Albanians

Shume interesante opinioni juaj: Ju lumte, Shqiponjat vetem per shqiperine dhe jo per everopen. The Land of Eagles will stand for life, under eagles law and not European law. Shqiptar per jete: Shqipe per atdheun: Shqiponje per malet:  (Jan 7, 2007 | post #2)

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