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Jan 31, 2013

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do MUSLIM men find english women attractive

Be careful with this shit, young lady! To come to UK and to pull the wool over some 16-18 years old British girl living in clouds today is the first and the most infallible method among muslim immigrants to find a secluded haven here. For what exactly those 'tourists' need here British girls (women) today already is as obvious as a day light. First of all, you should understand it that in his native sands (kishlak, aul) his family will never approve neither your relations nor marriage. Just take it as it is – relations with you (non mohammedan) for seeking any opportunity to stay in Europe as much as it can be possible muslim is nothing but a coercive and interim measure. So... be ready for the following scenario: Month 1: flowers, presents, restaurants, fairy tails. Month 2: suddenly your Middle East tourist stops kissing your ass Month 3: your islamist starts toughly to dictate you his rules Month 4: you haven't noticed it, but you already lost all contacts with friends. Month 5: Congratulations! You spread your legs, you live in kitchen, and your opinion in your own house means nothing. Month 6: here I guess your Muhammed will leave crying alone, as for a half of a year you gave him to live in your bed his fellows will definitely solve all his problems with documents, will hind him a place to stay, will find him a job to do. Dear Carol, fundamentally I recommend you to take off your blue glasses, to find a white man and to born a couple of sons to your motherland! In any other case I suppose you'd better leave the UK for some Saudi Arabia etc. Cheers!  (Jan 31, 2013 | post #65)