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Feb 8, 2014

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Select Airmont Roads to be Repaved!

High on the agenda of the recent Airmont Village Board of Trustees Meeting was the topic of road reconstruction. Brian Brooker, the village engineer, discussed the current state of disrepair of the village’s roads resulting from this very difficult winter. He recommended repaving the three roads that are in the worst condition: Regina Road, Twin Lakes Drive, and Lorna Lane. Together they represent about 1.5 miles of road. The cost of replacing each mile including improving the drainage is $180,000. Money for these necessary repairs is already allocated in the villages budget According to Trustee Phil Gigante, "Our goal is to replace 5% of the Village roads per year. With the average road lifespan of 20 years, this program will ensure all the Village roads get replaced before they deteriorate.”  (Mar 30, 2014 | post #1)

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Airmont residents asked to hold recyclables till New Year

The Journal News reports: During the holiday season, towns and villages modify their sanitation schedules so that workers don’t have to pick up recyclables or garbage, working on holidays. J. Mark Peterlin, editor for, said this year, the village of Airmont took one step further and posted a notice on its website, warning its residents that those who don’t honor the schedule change would receive violations., a local news website, posted the notice on its website. But at a recent village board workshop meeting, the board decided to nix the “violation” part of the notice. “This is a good example of the effectiveness of the local media in action, protecting the welfare of the citizens against the village bureaucracy,” Peterlin wrote in his email. In any case, Airmont’s recyclables pickup originally scheduled for Dec. 25 will be canceled. Residents are asked to hold them until the next pick up date, Jan. 1. Thanks to, residents don’t have to worry about getting violation notices even when they mistakenly put them out.  (Feb 9, 2014 | post #1)