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Sep 6, 2010

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Fairbanks, AK

Over $19,000 Cash Prizes for Your Creative Ideas

The AIC is an idea contest. The AIC opens to public. The AIC is absolutely free. Anyone with a good idea for doing business, for improving people's life, or for solving a problem can enter the competition and win. The first prize is $10,000, the 2nd $5,000, the third $2,500, the 4th $500, and $100 each for 16 honorable mentions. In last year's competition, we had about 150 people and about 200 ideas entering the competition around the world. It is simple to enter the competition. By visiting , and clicking "enter the AIC" you could register and submit your ideas. Think, Create, and Change the World!  (Sep 6, 2010 | post #1)