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Feb 1, 2013

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VIDEO: Female Preacher who preaches with her boobs out.

Lord have Mercy!  (Mar 7, 2013 | post #2)

5 Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do. Amazing!

There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you can do with it: - FIRST Emergency The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. If you find yourself out of the coverage area of your mobile; network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you, and interestingly this number 112 can be dialed even if the keypad is locked. Try it out. - SECOND Hidden Battery Power. Imagine your mobile battery is very low. To activate, press the keys *3370# Your mobile will restart with this reserve and the instrument will show a 50% increase in battery. This reserve will get charged when you charge your mobile next time. - THIRD How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone? To check your Mobile phone's serial number, key in the following digits on your phone: * # 0 6 # A 15 digit code will appear on the screen. This number is unique to your handset. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. When your phone get stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code. They will then be able to block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless. You probably won't get your phone back, but at least you know that whoever stole it can't use/sell it either. If everybody does this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones. Read the remaining two from the following link> /5-things-you-neve r-knew-your-cell-p hone.html  (Feb 4, 2013 | post #1)

Kalou Pays Mikel $5,000 Bet After Eagles Won

Nice one luck Mikel! luck this this time around lol!  (Feb 4, 2013 | post #2)

Kalou Pays Mikel $5,000 Bet After Eagles Won

Read more from here and pictures:http://tu m/2013/02/kalou-pa ys-mikel-5000-bet- after-eagles.html# more Ivory Coast midfielder Salomon Kalou confirmed he has paid John Obi Mikel $5,000 following a bet regarding the outcome of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations quarter-final tie against Nigeria on Sunday. The two African powerhouses clashed at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium for a place in the last-four, with the Super Eagles emerging 2-1 victors after Sunday Mba cancelled out Cheick Tiote's equaliser following Emmanuel Emenike's 42nd-minute opener. Speaking after the game, Kalou revealed the bet with his former Chelsea team-mate, and said he has stuck to his word and paid up. Complete story see> /kalou-pays-mikel- 5000-bet-after-eag les.html#more  (Feb 4, 2013 | post #1)

See Photos and Latest Additions to the New BB 10

Some folks are saying it's kind of copy of Nokia Lumia but hey, it's BlackBerry and you get the pinging thing! Also, for the first time, the new BB 10 is designed for touch devices. There is also a new camera that offers features such as composite photos that snap several images in quick succession so you can merge them into one idealized photo. See more photos below... See Photos here: /see-photos-and-la test-additions-to- new.html  (Feb 1, 2013 | post #1)