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Nov 2, 2013

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As long as there is mutual consensus and responsibility, I don't think there should be a problem. I voluntarily lost my virginity to my oldest cousin when I was very young (relationships between cousins are not illegal but are frowned upon in my country), and not much after I had intercourse with my brother (I've also had intercourse with all my other male cousins). Ever since, both have been two of my most frequent sexual partners (I've been living with my cousin for a couple of years now), and I don't see what the problem should be, we are very responsible about it (and secretive, of course. I've been very open about my relationship with my cousin for a while now, but only a handful of people know the kind of things my brother has done to me ;P). I lead a very satisfying sexual life with multiple partners and they are no exception, we really enjoy each other a lot.  (Nov 2, 2013 | post #83)