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Feb 4, 2008

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6th Annual La Jolla Motor Car Classic 2010

La Jolla Historical Society will pay tribute to some of the world's finest automobiles on Sunday, January 10, 2010 from 9:00 am to 3:00 PM at the 6th Annual La Jolla Motor Car Classic, at the beautiful La Jolla Cove. watch the video here: .com/watch?v=uzReG GSO2HU http://www.lajolla m Video By Advanguard Productions Shelby Car Corral Bill Gise 1964 Cobra Roadster Philip Wichard Memorial Trophy for Excellence in Design Peter & Merle Mullin 1951 Delahaye 235 People's Choice Award Skip & Leslie Shirley 1963 Porsche 356 T6 Coupe Best of Show Jay & Christina Moore 1933 Rolls Royce Continental Sedanca Drophead Coupe Walter Worsch Motorcycle Memorial Trophy Paul Lima 1939 Triumph Speed Twin  (Jan 23, 2010 | post #1)


Wild Turkey Classic & COP CAR Racing

Wild Turkey Classic & COP CAR Racing Wild Turkey Classic will be at Imperial Valley Speedway Friday Nov 28th start time 6:00PM, Sat Nov 29th Start time 2:00PM. Nov 28th is Law Enforcement Night. Local law enforcement will connect with the kids and parents during intermission. Cop Car Racing will provide two racing COP cars and giving away stickers and have the kids sit in the cars, bring your cameras! Thousands of dollars in winnings, so the best of 5 tracks will be there to grab the money! Imperial Valley Speedway is an 3/8 mi. oval track below sea level inside the Imperial Valley Fairgrounds. Address is 200 east Second Street, Imperial, Ca Cop Car Racing chief Paul Damberger racing the Modified Cop Car says, “you can’t do drugs and race”, he supports RAD (Racers Against Drugs) www.COPCARRacing.c om  (Nov 21, 2008 | post #1)

San Diego, CA

COP CAR Racing Team

Media Release COP CAR Racing Team www.COPCARRacing.c om 3/07/08 Race Legal has cordially invited COP CAR Racing to Qualcomm Stadium for a day at the drag strip, to represent RAD (Racers Against Drugs). The program was formed in 1998 by Dr. Stephen J. Bender, Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology/Biost atistics in San Diego State University’s Graduate School of Public Health. Via a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, a comprehensive grass root community based coalition entitled “Closing the Loop” was initiated. This coalition involved city/county government, local law enforcement , Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR), Superior Court, City Attorney, District Attorney, county probation as well as the safer and sanctioned track alternative to illegal street racing. www.racersagainstd We hope to reach as many kids as possible with our message of living drug free. www.COPCARRacing.c om Paul Damberger driver of the Modified COP CAR Jeff Glover driver of the “Original” COP CAR For more info visit the web site.  (Mar 7, 2008 | post #2)


COP CAR Racing Update 2/21/08

Events/Updates Sun Feb 17 2008 – At the Sports Arena parking lot, The COP CAR Racing Team displayed at the San Diego Auto Swap Meet. Representing RAD (Racers Against Drugs) Paul Damberger and Jeff Glover displaying their COP CARs. “We had a lot of interest in the cars even though most of the spectators are fans to the classic cars.” Paul Damberger. http://www.sandieg Imperial Valley Speedway cancelled March 1st race. The next scheduled race will be the big “Armstrong-Evans Memorial Classic” 2 day event starting on the 15th of March, with big prize money and IMCA points. For more info: http://www.swrarac On February 22, 2008 Race Legal Event has cordially invited COP CAR Racing Team at Qualcomm Stadium. The COP CAR Racing Team, Paul Damberger & Jeff Glover will be representing R.A.D. (Racers Against Drugs), free COP Car stickers and RAD swag will be given away. Race Legal Event is an outlet for drag racers to race with safety. For more info on Race Legal http://www.raceleg www.COPCARRacing.c om Video COP CAR 2007 season http://video.googl cid=-1628174960586 879832 COP CAR in the community http://video.googl cid=-9510845201537 83450  (Feb 21, 2008 | post #1)


Imperial Valley Speedway Results 2/21/08

COP CAR Racing Team Media Release Sports Auto Racing Overview of Imperial Valley Speedway Unofficial Results COP CAR Racing Events Imperial Valley Speedway http://www.swrarac 2/16/08 Unofficial Results Pure Stock One the first lap 07 mixes it up and flips. 28 dominating in all of the laps he throws a tread leaving his car unsteerable into the wall at turn 3. Now with 9 in the first, 57 continues to beat on him. Street Stock From the start 20 and 8 battle it out for first. 8 makes a clean pass and maintains the lead to the finish Pro Stock 9 pulls into the lead quickly. About 10 laps in turn 3 starts to give way and a couple cars find themselves on turn 3/4 wall. 9 winning by a comfortable lead, leaving everyone else to battle it out. Pure Stock POS # DRIVER NAME 1 9 DEVON FELKNER 2 57 CHRIS TOTH 3 0 JEFF GLOVER 4 7R CRAIG CARD 5 35 LENNA MILLER 6 11 MICHAEL SHARP 7 28 WILLIAM LINESES 8 33 BRANDON BURNETT 9 01 TOMMY DAFFERN 10 7 QUENTIN TUCKER 11 60 COLE EDGMON* *BLACK FLAG-ROUGH DRIVING DQ 07 BRANDON ASHURST** DQ 8 BILL DODZIAN** **FAILED TO REPORT TO TECH NO POINTS/NO MONIES Factory Stock POS # DRIVER NAME 1 8 LOWELL BUCK 2 20 TOMMY FERRIERA 3 21 RYAN FERRIERA 4 12S BLAINE SHARP 5 5 NATHAN ROCK 6 27 LANCE JOHNSON 7 9 ROBERT GARRETT 8 52 DAN STANDIFORD 9 33 SEAN CALLENS Pro Stock POS # DRIVER NAME 1 9 ERIC EVANS 2 77 CASEY YARTYM 3 3 JIM BRINNON 4 45 JASON HICKINGBOTTOM 5 96 JARED HALL 6 21 BRENT ASHURST 7 99 PERRY HUMPHRIES 8 60 MITCH EDGMON 9 12 LEONARD JONES 10 86 DAVID WHITE Dwarf Cars POS # DRIVER NAME 1 22 BOB BROWN JR. 2 77 EDDIE MORRIS 3 4 KEN BRADY 4 58 MARC TEIXEIRA 5 94 RON DUNLAP 6 59 HARRY YOHO 7 3 DAVE TRUAX 8 72 KYLE MORRIS DNS 11 GARY RICHARDSON DNS 3E MATHIAS PONCE IMCA Modified POS # DRIVER NAME 1 88 KEITH SMITH 2 9X ERIC EVANS 3 D89 DUANE ROGERS 4 18 STEVEN DAFFERN 5 15 STEVE McCOLLOUGH II 6 35 BILL MILLER 7 81 MILES WYATT 8 25A TIM FOSTER 9 11 JACOB PRICE 10 4 JOHN SEAMAN 11 V8 LARRY WYATT 12 16B RANDY BROWN 13 35L LENNA MILLER 14 23 TIMOTHY TIMMERMAN II 15 00 BOBBY GROVES JR. DNS 20 ROBERT PRINCE DNS 0 PAUL DAMBERGER Mini Dwarf POS # DRIVER NAME 1 7 BROCK HEGER 2 3 ELLIOT WATSON 3 12 WILL DYKEMAN 4 23 JOSHUA BAKER 5 54 NATHAN DeRAGON 6 10 BLAKE ROGERS 7 35 COLE MAMER 8 9 AUSTIN BAUGHMAN 9 5A ASTRID ARMSTRONG DNS 27 DANIELLE STANDIFORD** DQ 82 TYLER PANNEL** *FAILED POST RACE TECH **NO POINTS/NO MONIES  (Feb 21, 2008 | post #1)

San Diego, CA

COP CAR Racing Team

COP CAR Racing Team Media Release Sports Auto Racing Sat Feb 16 2008 - Imperial Valley Speedway is the fastest 3/8 mile clay track below sea level, This week will be STOCK, PRO STOCK, DWARF CARS, LIGHTNING SPRINTS, MINI DWARFS, IMCA MODIFIEDs Sun Feb 17 2008 – Sports Arena parking lot, San Diego Auto Swap Meet has cordially invited R.A.D. (Racers Against Drugs). Representing RAD will be the COP CAR racing team, Paul Damberger and Jeff Glover displaying their COP CARs. They will be speaking to the kids to reach as many kids as possible with the message of living drug free. Free COP CAR stickers will be handed out. Links: San Diego Auto Swap Meet - http://www.sandieg RAD - http://www.racersa Imperial Valley Speedway - http://www.swrarac  (Feb 12, 2008 | post #1)

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