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Apr 22, 2014

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Yahoo NEO group format is a safety threat.

We are volunteers dedicated to restore the pre-August 2013 group interface here at Yahoo! groups. 1.On August 7th 2013,Yahoo rolled out without advance notice a new group Interface called 'neo groups'. 2.This new interface has rendered the groups unmanageable. 3.Two key security flaws have been discovered.One in particular has been discovered that neutralizes the 'neo'format.This is significant. Software of this type is a harbinger that will not only crash Yahoo groups but the total internet.The old format used a matrix that could not be compromised. 4.The elderly and visually impaired have complained that 'neo groups' is not in compliance with the ADA.The chronically ill have come to depend on the old format as a life saver to network with health care providers. 5.Students are no longer able to post their homework assignments in the databases.This has adversely affected home school and education groups. 6.Hundreds of arts groups had years of artwork wiped away.This also includes photos,files,and graphics. 7.A respectable percentage of group owners have asked,then demanded that 'neo' be rolled back.Later,Yahoo group users joined in the chorus. 8.Due to the 'neo' format,hundreds of groups have been deleted by their owners.This affects 1 million users.The last active teen/family network disbanded two weeks ago.A component of that network was a spotlighted group in 2000.The network served 120,000 members. 9.Yahoo! groups are more than a social network.They were town halls before Facebook.They were memorials to Columbine,9-11,and family members.They were information centers and place to get homework help.They were the best we had to offer.They were our homes. The 'neo' format has leveled our homes. http://news.softpe -Yahoo-Ruined-Grou ps-Users-Fight-To- Bring-Back-Old-Ver sion-438551.shtml http://yourhub.den 014/04/your-voice- how-yahoo-has-dest royed-colorado-bas ed-groups/32253/ http://modsandmemb ersblog.wordpress. com  (Apr 22, 2014 | post #3)