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Mar 8, 2007


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World News

'Massive' attack targets al Qaeda in Yemen

About time the local Yemeni government targeted those idiot slavers. Have a nice day: Ag  (14 hrs ago | post #2)

World News

Parents: 234 girls kidnapped from Nigeria school

Boko Harem... Looks like the Nigerians need to apply the penalty for slavers to that bunch of (dammit you still can't say N***ers on topix). Have a nice day: Ag  (14 hrs ago | post #5)


Teen flies to Hawaii hidden in landing gear

Had one of those land in London. Was a sub saharan African & was a corpsicle on landing. The "land" in London was appropriate as he fell out of the well when the wheels were deployed, the corpsicle did miss the local residences & also the inhabitants & caused a bit of upset when the carcass was discovered. Have a nice day: Ag  (14 hrs ago | post #1)


Dog fatally stabbed while on walk with owner in bizarre a...

Remember the nutter with the pop eyes on the mugshot whom was arrested for rumpy pumpy with his dog? Turned up on the wierd sector about a month ago (he was more redneck than hispanic though & the sex of the dog was not listed in that story). Accurate reportage is essential in these cases. Have a nice day: Ag  (14 hrs ago | post #15)


Sorry, powdered alcohol not approved after all

Old movies club. Was a 1960s film that marketed a tablet called "Vip" that turned into pure alcohol when eaten. Ran a large amount of pre marketing film time in the movie but the day itself ended up as a bit of an anticlimax (it was 60s), but had some interesting reported scenarios from the boardmembers who tried it on the launch day. May be worth a re run with this story as a tag. Have a nice day: Ag  (14 hrs ago | post #19)


Astronomers spot most Earth-like planet yet

From other reports of the Kepler 186 system with bigger planets closer to the star, it is likely that the system condensed from the disc that formed the star & grew from the outside in with the objects in the disc growing & migrating inward with time. It therefore appears that the system is a series of gas giants arrested in condensation when the star switched ON (result creates the bulk of the hot Jupiters seen in planet lists, such as the interior of 55Cnc for example. It is likely therefore that instead of being a slightly bigger then earth mass dry rock, it is instead a Titanide, with interior rock & metal core, a thick shell of water & a thick atmosphere of N2 & CH4 with noble gases, SiH4, H2S & PH3 as trace gases along with H2O clouds in the atmosphere above the ocean. NH3 in this system would be dissolved in the H2O. N2 & CH4 exsolves from complex organics at considerable depth, however insoluble organics may produce a thick oil/tar shell several metres thick above the ocean. Bigger titanides become small gas giants, with Uranus & Neptune being end members on the upper end of the mass scale, Uranus being pristine condensed out of a disc, and Neptune being dumped on by a large number of comets & therefore denser. As a result of condensation out of a disc beginning small and growing as it migrated inward, the Titanide in this case should retain a gas giant element abundance. There should ALSO be another smaller Titanide smaller then Earth further out in the next orbital resonance bin (may be hard to see on transit details as the orbital period would be longer, & the planet smaller). The outer titanide would likely be cool enough for ice on the Ocean surface, but the CH4 may greenhouse it to liquid H2O. Have a nice day: Ag  (14 hrs ago | post #1)


"Upside-down planet" New Method to Study Binary Star Systems

Nice: Explains why WD binaries are seldom seen as eclipsing systems even when orbiting very close together & expected to be at a transit angle. Article however did not list mass of WD and/or companion (shame). Have a nice day: Ag  (15 hrs ago | post #1)


Group: Deadly asteroids more frequent than thought

Expect the short timespan estimate on impact frequency of large rocks to be the more likely. Along with example given of Chelyabinsk (vid), a small one; there was also (Russia) Sikhote-Alin (which was actually bigger). Also note (Russia) Tunguska which was an airburst big bugger, which never reached the ground. Now note recent events with more people to witness results... A loud & nasty bugger which landed on the greenland icecap sometime around 2003 or thereabouts (I heard that one in the UK, it woke me up). A small asteroid in approx 2008 identified on collision course with Earth & identified landing spot as Sudanese desert. Identified as a fireball in weather sat images on impact (another airburst smaller than tunguska & not as loud as Greenland event). Oh & also.., Chelyabinsk which was a relatively small rock which didn't stay intact as a result of shallow angle of descent & stony iron composition. As the Earth is a fairly big place, a Chelyabinsk sized impact would be approx decadal but as the bulk of the planet is ocean it will still be hard to witness most of the time. There still (recent) appears to be a higher frequency of big buggers in the N. Hemisphere, which may be a result of a rubble trail similar to the classic meteor radiant trails associated with comets. It may however be a statistical result of the bulk of land area being in the N. Hemisphere combined with modern multimedia. Have a nice day: Ag  (15 hrs ago | post #1)

World News

Islamists abduct 100 schoolgirls in Nigeria

Hmm... What a classic. Boko wants a harem. An archetype of islamists worldwide that one, it is the primary recruiting drive for brainless wannabes with a pair of balls & no brains & a vaguely muslim idealism. Watch out for slave convoys across the desert later. This has been the old classic from that bunch of recidivists. They do however have HARSH competition in the slave market as the area is flooded with wannabe slaves attempting to cut out the middleman by crossing the desert on their own. Needs the classical punishment for slavery to be applied to that bunch of low IQ no hopers ASAP. Appears that Boko's Harem is somewhere on the SE Nigeria border with Cameroon and may be inside Cameroon borders. Look for kidnapped missionaries in Cameroon (finance drive by boko again). Boko may also attempt cannibalism later when the money runs out. Have a nice day: Ag  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #2)


Darth Vader teams up with Jedi to teach kids the force at...

How 'bout the guys from spaceballs teaching the farce. That one would be fun to watch specially if they do a robot chicken outtake or two... Have a nice day: Ag  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #1)


Missing Boy Found Safe ... in Toy Claw Machine

Seen that one too. They don't appear to have enough nous to go back the way they came in carrying the teddy from the machine though. machine appears to be kid proof as well as claw grab proof most of the time. Have a nice day: Ag  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #11)

Natural Disasters

Pearce, ranchers meet on lesser prairie chicken

After all that talk, I still to this day have no idea of what a lesser prairie chicken actually looks like. Probably get a few mc nuggets out of it though. Have a nice day: Ag  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #1)


Astronomers: 'Tilt-a-worlds' could harbor life

Nice article. Axial tilts appear to be overrated as life inhibitors. Also: despite moon, the earth has had variable axial tilts in the past as a result of tidal influence on ranges & large basalt plateaux from large igneous provinces acted on by solar as well as lunar tides. This process is currently ongoing with the Himalayas right about now which are being drawn increasingly E & ultimately SE with time. Result of prior ranges & axial tilt is that earth axis has varied up to 10 degrees either way from its current value & tends to be smaller in times of geological stability with no ranges or large igneous provinces to draw on. Have a nice day: Ag  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #1)


Lunar eclipse amazes as it casts eerie red glow over Utah

Nice photo set. Indicates that there is no much dust around in the upper atmosphere right about now. Looks like the Kelut eruption (march 2004) was not big enough to make an SO2 aerosol. Typical thing really, Cool astronomical event & something gets in the way (Earth this time, but usually cloud in my dot on the map). Have a nice day: Ag  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #1)

United Kingdom

Century Of Clashes, Compromise Between UK, Ireland

Sad news is that while the heads of state posture & complement, the usual inhabitants are acting as business as usual. Likely that the visit was in large part due to the Irish having a spot of difficulty repaying their loan after the overbuilding of the latter days of the tiger economy under EU handouts resulted in bankruptcy of the economy Spain style as a result of nobody being able to work to pay for either the house ownership OR the rental of same house. Blairites still fighting war of Irish independence in UK & also battle of Boyne up until Gordon Brown voted out of office added significantly to conflict. Some Blairites actually also still fighting mediaeval Tudor era war of catholics V protestants in "see you James" mode. Also add to chaos adding lie to above visit was followers of tony Blair throwing teddy out of pram & calling Non catholics "child molesters" after losing last election. On occasion also USA republicans doing same thing after Obama admin installed but in that case they called UK protestants &/OR non Blairites "foot fetishists". Have discovered hard way that Irish Catholics have a lot to learn about financially astute governance. Violence is usual response to thwarted governance &/OR thwarted theft (or occasional running out of money to pay for beer & getting thrown out of the bar. Best thing to do is to remove excuse of race/culture & treat crime same no matter which religion or culture the perp comes from. Ever notice that several Sinn Fein members in office/candidacy Eire were arrested for welfare abuse. Now look VERY closely @ the Blairites in the UK. Have a nice day: Ag  (Wednesday Apr 9 | post #5)

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