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Nov 13, 2013

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Canyon, TX

Yahoo VS Texas groups

Our group of 2000 teens is fighting for the elderly and blind to win back their Yahoo groups from a failed NEO group format.How bad is NEO? Hundreds of groups have been disbanded since the NEO rollout last August.This affects almost two million users..Please help us by urging Yahoo to roll back the NEO group format and restore the classic format. A neighbor of yours from Austin deleted his Groups I owned, that is. So today, several thousand people are without the services those groups offered pre-Neo. But I will add -- participation was already down by at least 80% since pre-Neo. So for us, it's no loss. For Yahoo, it's a 100% loss of any ad revenue that could have been generated from the groups, but that Yahoo destroyed by their own volition. Have a nice day! Jim in Austin TX http://groups.yaho neo  (Nov 13, 2013 | post #1)