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Oct 30, 2011

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Painesville, OH

Painesville man hospitalized after police shock him twice...

You individuals who praise the Painesville police for their duty in subduing a male with a taser for allegedly abusing a female do not know the Painesvile police and how they "operate ". It would be foolish to automatically arrive at a conclusion that due to a female raising her voice sounding like distress would either a) not be lying to entrap and frame the male in question or b)that the Painesville police were not lying about the entire incident leading up to the tasing and that they would not handle the incident incompetently and like spineless, mindless weasels who like fruit loops, abuse whoever they can-including if there are more than one "cop" in the "offender's " area. The Painesville police are some of the most inept, acediac, ignorant, foolish Police I have encountered in some time if not ever. Believing in their ultimate superiority in most things,they rarely do their job with any American values, w/o indecency, and may as well have stayed at McDonald's sleeping in their vehicle than responding as they usually handle serious issues and concerns as if they are being "held up" while they could be doing something better, like receiving a Big Mac or listening to high school sports on the radio(losers.....) . More to be stated later....  (Oct 30, 2011 | post #4)