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Aug 30, 2012

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Spring Hill, FL


Welcome to Spring Hill  (Aug 31, 2012 | post #20)

Spring Hill, FL

Gay Marriage - Spring Hill, FL

Listen, everyone. I am gay and I love my partner of two years and I dream of the days I can marry him. However, this fighting and bickering and hatred towards each other is horrible and unacceptable. Many of you say God is Love, but you are missing the point. We should love one another and be accepting of one another. You don't have to like or love what I do but you still have to love me. I am a human being and I live life to the fullest and pray everyday; I love everyone no matter how they feel about me. My partner and I are terrified of showing affection in public due to the verbal and sometimes physical abuse shown to us. How is that love? Just keep in mind when you are fighting with each other that Jesus' last commandment was to love one another. Just remember that when you show hate towards another human being. I love you all! Be safe and God bless!  (Aug 31, 2012 | post #71)

Spring Hill, FL

Gay Marriage - Spring Hill, FL

I would like to eventually be able to marry my partner of two years........  (Aug 31, 2012 | post #70)