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10-day Great Silk Road Tour

Destination: Xian, Dunhuang, Turpan, Urumqi, Kashgar, Beijing Tour Highlights: >>Terra Cotta Warriors >> Banpo Neolithic Village >> Crescent Moon Lake >> Etigar Mosque >> Sunday Bazaar >> Karakuli Lake Inquiry Tour Tour Overview: Just take the comfortable train and flight to explore this great ancient trade route with personal guide, car and driver to see Xian Terra Cotta Warriors, Banpo Neolithic Village, Dunhuang Crescent Moon Lake, Etigar Mosque, Kashgar Sunday Bazaar, Karakuli Lake and more. Day By DayTour Fee Day 1 Arrival/Xian Meals: L Sites Visited: Xi'an Ancient City Wall, Shaanxi Provincial History Museum Meet your guide and driver at the Xian airport, and then transfer to the hotel. After that, pay a visit to the Xi'an Ancient City Wall and the Shaanxi Provincial History Museum. Day 2 Xian Meals: B, L Sites Visited: Terra Cotta Warriors, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Banpo Neolithic Village, Tang Dynasty Song and Dance Show Full-day visit to the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses (include golf carts), the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and the Banpo Neolithic Village. In the evening, enjoy the Tang Dynasty Song and Dance Show at Tang Yuegong Theatre. Day 3 Xian/Dunhuang Meals: B, L Sites Visited: Hechang Military Depot In the morning, be escorted to the airport for the flight to Dunhuang. Be met and transferred to the hotel. Then visit the Hechang Military Depot followed by the Great Wall of the Han dynasty. Day 4 Dunhuang/Turpan Meals: B, L Sites Visited: Mogao Grottoes, Echoing-Sand Mountain, Crescent Moon Lake After breakfast, you are picked up to see the Mogao Grottoes. After that, ride the camel to see the Echoing-Sand Mountain (where you will observe a very curious natural phenomenon), and then proceed to visit the Crescent Moon Lake. After the sightseeing, be transferred to train station for the overnight train (with soft sleeper) to Turpan. Day 5 Turpan Meals: B, L Sites Visited: Suleiman's Minaret, Grape Valley, Karez Channels, Astana Tombs, legendary Flaming Mountain Transfer to your hotel from the train station. After breakfast, drive to visit the Suleiman's Minaret (aka Sugong Pagoda), the Grape Valley, the Karez Channels and Astana Tombs, lastly, pass through the legendary Flaming Mountain. Day 6 Turpan/Urumqi Meals: B, L Sites Visited: Terai Camp, Mount Nan Pasture After breakfast, transfer to Urumqi. Then visit the Terai Camp, Mount Nan Pasture (aka Nanshan Grassland). Day 7 Urumqi/Kashgar Meals: B, L Sites Visited: Etigar Mosque, Sunday Bazaar, Abakh Khoja Tomb In the morning, take flight to Kashgar. Check into the hotel, and then visit the Etigar Mosque, Sunday Bazaar, and the Abakh Khoja Tomb. Day 8 Kashgar  Meals: B, L Sites Visited: Karakuli Lake Make a full-day excursion to the beautiful Karakuli Lake. Day 9 Kashgar/Beijing Meals: B Fly directly to Beijing. At the Beijing airport, be met and transferred to the hotel. Day 10 Beijing/Departure Meals: B After breakfast, you will be driven to the airport to take a flight home. Top Silk Road Attractions Xiahe City Han Yang Ling Museum Mogao Caves White Pagoda Hill Banpo Neolithic Village Turpan Desert Botanical Garden Useful Silk Road Travel Tips Climate on Silk Road Festivals along The Silk Road China Transportation on Silk Road Silk Road Travel Tips Food and Drink along Silk Road More Sharing ServicesShare|Shar e on googleShare on twitterShare on myspaceShare on google  (Apr 18, 2013 | post #1)

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The Great Silk Road China

The Silk Road China The Silk Road (Route) is a historically important international trade route across Eurasia. A rich collection of images, text and annotated resources on the cultures of the historic Silk Road China helps you know more about the great Golden Silk Road Route China. Story of Figures related to the ancient Silk Road: 1. Marco Polo: Travelled through Eurasia 2. Zhang Qian rode at the head of a caravan of 100 Han soldiers, riding into the dusty, unknown lands to the West. Zhang Qian’s missions and explorations to the West expanded the central Asian sections of the trade routes. 3. Xuan Zang: A Chinese Buddhist monk, scholar, traveler, and translator who described the interaction between China and India in the early Tang Dynasty. Xuan Zang’s travel to India: He traveled throughout China in search of sacred books of Buddhism. Xian Xian, ancient capital of 13 dynasties in the history of China is the eastern terminus of the Silk Road and home to the Terracotta Army. Tang Paradise: A large theme park near Xian City. It is at the site of an earlier garden complex in the Tang Dynasty. Thousands of visitors are treated to watch a spectacular show in Tang Paradise. The night scene of Tang Paradise Qinshihuangdi Mausoleum Qinshihuangdi Statue Muslim Street in Xian: Cave Dwelling: Xian ancient culture and Arts Festival It is held in September every year in Xian as a major cultural tourism festival. International Xian Great Wall Marathon of China: Martial Art Performance before the Marathon: Stage Show of Tang Dynasty before the Marathon:  (Apr 12, 2013 | post #1)