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Apr 14, 2012

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Help with air resistance in projectile motion

I need some help doing very basic mathematical analysis (what would be expected of a Calculus 1 and current Physics 1 student) for my project about tank projectiles, anything to calculate something about their air resistance/air drag, yet everything I have found has either been too simple (drag not proportional to velocity squared) or way too complex (involving wind tunnel test data, which I don't think I'm collecting anytime soon). Any equations or online ballistic calculation software will do, one of my teachers suggested this spreadsheet ( asses/581/Projecti lesExcel.html, go to the bottom and click download the spreadsheet), which looked promising until I realized that the drag coefficient b was a pre-entered number. I don't have much numerical data about each projectile (here is an example http://www.imi-isr ments/105-mm%20hes h-t%20m156_en_draf t-04.pdf). Is there anything that any of you know of that can help me? Thanks in advance for any assistance, Andrew  (Apr 14, 2012 | post #1)