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Oct 30, 2007

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Seabrook, TX

Homicide of 1 year old in LaPorte

If he was as good as you stated, the family would be informed. If his case load is too thick that he has to work on this and other cases to the point that picking up the phone is too much of an inconvenience then perhaps someone needs to lighten his burden. Hire another detective. A similar case happened in my town and granted, it took 6 months for them to cross their T's and dot the I's but they made sure to keep the grand parents updated during the entire ordeal. In the end doing ones job is never enough when it comes to the death of a child, they need to go over and beyond. As nice as your prayers are, tell that to the grand parents whose hearts skip a beat every time the phone rings wondering if perhaps THIS is the call the long for, just to be disappointed month after month. You are a "SuperStar Mom", if this was your child and you were uninformed on the case's progress, would you feel the same way  (Dec 4, 2012 | post #297)

Carbondale, PA

Walmart in Carbondale

I just have to ask, so what is it you were doing reading this and responding, get out..DO something with YOUR life. You were doing the same exact thing as them. Don't judge if you are in a glass house...  (Oct 8, 2012 | post #46)

Seabrook, TX

Homicide of 1 year old in LaPorte

Still no new news? Very sad. I was hoping they finally brought justice for the loss of this little boy. I get it though, police are too busy fighting the drug wars and what not...such a shame. My condolences to the family..again. I recommend Gary Johnson for police chief...yup.  (Oct 8, 2012 | post #265)

La Porte, TX

Welcome to Heavy Fed's La Porte Forum!

There are many great benefits to lurking.  (Aug 20, 2012 | post #181)

La Porte, TX

Welcome to Heavy Fed's La Porte Forum!

I'm sorry, my ink blots were destroyed in the fire caused by the world's pollution that no one will stop. I am pretty sure you would pass anyways, most intelligent semi-sociopaths do :) Enjoy your night all. I am off to patter around the internet without saying anything useful at all. Thanks for having me :oD  (Aug 20, 2012 | post #179)

Carbondale, PA

Pioneer Plaza - Will it ever happen

It is that simple huh? Not everyone has the luxury of just picking up and leaving. I have issues with Carbondale too but I purchased a house and until I pay that off in another 2 years- I am stuck here. Not everyone "rents" or "section 8's" out houses. Some people actually own them you know, with like a mortgage. It really is not that simple to sell a home in a city like this, even harder when you have a million foreclosures to choose from for dirt cheap. I saw so much potential in this little town. It is truly beautiful but between the roads, the punk teenagers roaming the streets throwing rocks at peoples cars, and the wanna be thugs running around town like they own the place- this place DOES need to improve and if you honestly think otherwise then you need to question why is it that what little this town has to offer is actually good enough for you. Sorry, I want more for my kids and for my life. I thought this town could offer that but it can't with the way it is now. I am giving it another 5 years to improve, but it really does not seem likely. Your love it or leave it mentality is exactly what it wrong with this town. Improve the place you live, don't just pretend nothing is wrong and turn a blind eye. I have lived all over the United States- California, Texas, Florida, Arizonia, & Maryland. Even Japan! Take it from someone who has traveled the world and seen what it has to offer - This city needs improving, end of story. I really did love this place once upon a time, till I realized sometimes in life you have to strive for better and not just accept the status quo. Until more people start doing that in this town, nothing will ever change. It is called Garbagedale for a reason...a lot of the people here seem to fit that title and are the very reason why this town got the nick name. Don't get me wrong, I have met amazing, wonderful, hard working, GOOD human beings here..most of those people stick to themselves now because this towns inhabitants are getting scarier and scarier by the day.  (Aug 20, 2012 | post #35)

La Porte, TX

Welcome to Heavy Fed's La Porte Forum!

Come on, you know you want to look at my ink blots!! ;)  (Aug 20, 2012 | post #177)

Carbondale, PA

Life in carbondale pa.

Its been 5 years, now that I have actually lived here for 5 more years. I take back every positive word I said about this pos town. Justin Taylor is running it into the ground. Belmont is out of control, my street is still quiet, still haven't ever been robbed or vandalized, etc. It's the teenagers running wild, the drug addicts, the woman in pajamas roaming the streets, the expired everything at Weis and the fact that anyone of quality worth meeting in this town sticks to themselves after being burned by Garbagedales finest.. That's why I changed my mind :)  (Aug 19, 2012 | post #185)

Carbondale, PA

Northeastern Pa. gets first all-Hispanic radio station

Sorry late response, haha. Dad was deployed out to war when that picture was taken...thanks for asking :)  (Aug 19, 2012 | post #156)

Carbondale, PA

Northeastern Pa. gets first all-Hispanic radio station

He was most likely saying "this poor bitch" in reference to her being married to a loud mouthed big headed bigot like you  (Nov 1, 2007 | post #64)

Carbondale, PA

Hispanics mobilize against city immigration act in Hazlet...

Legally you have to provide a social security number for public assistance or you are ineligible. The only public assistance that immigrants qualify for is called W.I.C. Possibly food stamps too, but you have to be a MIGRANT FARM WORKER. Keep blowing smoke out your butt and look up the requirements for public assistance. The Italian MAFIA NEVER INCREASED CRIME RATES IN PA? Hispanics aren't the only contributors to crime, lets not forget the white people who are buying the drugs, and the black people, and the Chinese. Crime knows no race, its through out every place, in every country. Or better yet the white/black Americans who sold the "vato" down the street the bad PCP or crack that made him go crazy and shoot up some place, some where. Or maybe, ever if there was a slight possibility loud mothers bigots like you drove them to commit the crimes against you and your people for the crap you spew from your pie hole. Yes lets blame all the Hispanics for spreading these diseases, wake up, the only people who can get infected are the other non vaccinated immigrants and non vaccinated Americans. because of this your theory is greatly flawed. Who's to say a non vaccinated American didn't travel to some other country and bring it back here and spread it to other non vaccinated Americans. Non vaccinated Americans are ok, blame the immigrants who bring it due to being non vaccinated. Maybe the American should of got off their lazy butts and taken their child to get vaccinated. Even without insurance they offer it for between 20-30 dollars a session of full vaccinated. Prostitution is the oldest trade known to man, every country of the world has it, every culture, every race, every skin color has its own set of whores, get over it. I don't hear the men who bang them complaining, why must you? Stop judging so much and try actually living your life. Yes English as a second language is WRONG. I will admit that is the ONLY THING in your entire post that bears a shred of truth, but not all immigrants refuse to learn English, only the ones who perhaps are too poor to pay for a tutor. Or are too busy mowing your lawn, fixing your roof, or doing some other cheap labor the white man is too lazy to attempt to do himself. They should all have to learn English as a mandatory thing true, maybe if more people volunteered to tutor these people, it could make a world of difference, but its easier to cast them all out like they are human garbage. When did a life become so disposable? Yes, all Hispanics blare music from their "hoopties " I think your just butt sore from them taking your women as you sit home alone in your mothers basement dreaming of the day you can own a car and even better yet, find a women dumb enough to date a bigot like you. Do the world a favor..don't procreate!! P.s. cierre la boca  (Oct 30, 2007 | post #585)

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