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Jun 4, 2008

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Making it Right


Daphne, Alabama


Belrose Avenue

Local Favorites:

Big Daddy's, Youth Baseball and Basketball, Boating with buddies.

I Belong To:

Many organiqations, but can't mention due to privacy issues concering this site

When I'm Not on Topix:

Coach and teach sports with passion, care and understanding, treating patients.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Our kids are bottlefed and drones, not individuals

I'm Listening To:

what my boy and I agree to...

Read This Book:

Ball Four

Favorite Things:

Watching my son grow and become an individual, not a mindless drone begging for an opportunity.

On My Mind:

Hippocrites who pray before ball games and cheat at all costs to win games,

Blog / Website / Homepage:


I Believe In:

passion and the honor of being a role model and leader to the kids I coach while at the same time making it fun. Keeping parents out of youth sports when they are in it for the wrong reason.