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Jan 12, 2014

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Republic, WA

Republic community meetings

Our teen group has adopted the Republic Tigers and The Northern Inn. Support them as well. Abraham Lincoln High School in Denver challenges your high school and youth group to adopt a project in your community to empower your school and community.Join other teens across the globe to organize a neighborhood watch and safety project for elementary and middle high school kids.Join teens in urging Yahoo to remove the neo group format and restore the classic format.This new format called neo groups is continuing hardship for the elderly and visually impaired. Our teen group will provide online training by invited guests from law enforcement officials beginning daily on December 30th 2013.7:00PM(MST) This will assist you in the planning of a successful block or neighborhood neet-up.Good luck! http://groups.yaho neo  (Jan 12, 2014 | post #1)