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Dec 18, 2012

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Pleasant Hope, MO

pleasant hope high school ran by alot of dumb people

I am searching down every name I can to help me with my daughters unheard of expulsion. She has never been in trouble a day in her life, but she bought a bag of marijuana off of a class mate and a few hours ltr got cought trying to get him to take it back....she is now expelled for the entire school yr and they called the cops so she get's a probation officer....First offense,fake drugs and got caught giving it back...Don't you think that the punishment does not fit the crime???? Now they are saying she has to be getting education from some where and offer no help,pamplets,phone numbers they just set there and said it is her responsibility to figure it out at 14 yrs old.......I NEED NAMES AND NUMBERS because the shool board went a little over board with this one....There is a no child left behind law in effect...we do not have the money for her to get private schooling and it should be the school paying for it anyway's I will do what I got to do, but I am not gonna set by and let my child slip thru the cracks just because you guy's are bad at your job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Dec 18, 2012 | post #1)

Pleasant Hope, MO

pleasant hope schools are a joke

my daughter who is a freshman at phhs was expelled for buying drug's...She bought a bag of grass that was not marijuana but it was fake. Alfordal suspended her for two weeks and I thought that was fair, but then scott ireland sent us a ltr saying abby was expelled for the rest of the yr. The cops was called and now my 14 yr old girl who has never been in trouble for no reason is on probation and has to do 40hrs of community service...Probatio n office says its the law that we get her an education and offered no info same as the high school no info given. I need to know who to talk to cause it seems like mayberry pd down here full of punishments and blank on anything that could help you..we can not afford to private school and us being in the poverty zone we can not pay for it. Scott Ireland wanted my daughter expelled then Scott you need to get on the stick and get this figured out...You are punishing abby twice and thats called double jeopardy and is very illegal....COME ON SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHO TO CALL...we are from springfield and we do not know anybody.....You people are ruining a girls life and could not care less....  (Dec 18, 2012 | post #1)