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Apr 20, 2014

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Henning, TN

little dog

The main thing you have to worry about with Pits and children is if they get attached to the child and you try to spank the child in front of them. You will have to lock them up. A male and a female can be good together, as long as they don't fight over food. I suggest feeding them separately. And no they don't generally get along with other dogs, but like on Pit Boss, if they are raised together they will get along together. Not big on packs though. They can have a temper when the situation merits it though. And if you invite anyone to your house, it is always best to introduce them if they are friends of yours, but don't expect your dog to let them in the house without you around to say it is ok. They are really a very protective breed. The only time they really get mean is if the owner mistreats them and makes them mean. They are the most popular breed for idiots who like to fight dogs, but that is where the bad name came from. Not the breed's temperament itself. Some people need to get their facts straight before judging. And like some people I know, some pits can come out of such an abusive situation and be the most loving dog. I know of some personally.  (May 18, 2014 | post #6)

Henning, TN

Missing Lucy! Please Help Find Lucy!

Lucy is a white German shepherd/ lab mix. She is my Aunts baby. She was born Feb. 14, and just turned 4. We love Lucy and want her back home. My Aunt is still having trouble eating and sleeping over the stress of not knowing where Lucy is. She went missing on April 13. If anyone knows anything.... We are begging you. Please let us know. We live in the Lightfoot Luckett area. Please help us find her. Dead or alive, we just want to know where our dog is.  (Apr 28, 2014 | post #1)

Henning, TN

little dog

squeezers is full of .................. .. \ We have had quite a few pits growing up and not one of them have turned on any of us. It is the owners that make pits mean, not the breed. They are actually loving, loyal, and a good pet to have. they offer better protection than a gun, and safer too. If you love the puppy, he will love you back. they only thing you have to worry about around your kids is if the puppy gets attached to them and you try to spank them in front of him. they don't like abuse, that is what turns them mean. One of my dogs saw a man hit his girlfriend and we had to hold him back. Our dog wanted to tear into the guy for hitting the girl. they get along with other dogs sometimes, as long as they respect their territory. If you can, you might want to watch pit boss or pit bulls and parolees sometime too.  (Apr 28, 2014 | post #4)

Henning, TN

Missing little white dog

No. But we are still missing our big white dog. No jacket, no painted nails, but half shaved from where I wasn't able to finish the job I started. :(  (Apr 23, 2014 | post #3)

Henning, TN

Can't believe the neighbor shot our DOG!?!

My family lives in the Lightfoot Luckett area. We own a German Shepherd/Lab mix which my Aunt named Lucy Lou Cross. We keep Lucy on a chain, but like most dogs, she manages to get away sometimes. One time we had her hooked to a post that had a bell on top and over 80 lbs. cement in the ground holding it where it was. She pulled the post out of the ground, cement and all, and pulled it down the hill. Our neighbor has a few dogs that are never on a chain or fenced in. These dogs would come into our yard when Lucy was on her chain and beat up on her, which the neighbor thought was funny. It made some sense to us that when she got away from us, she went straight back to the neighbors and beat up on the neighbors dogs, which the neighbor thought was not funny. One day, Lucy got away from us, and when we found her, she had a spot on her back side, which turned out to be where someone shot her. We didn't understand why someone would shoot our dog, Especially when we haven't shot any one else's dog, even though their dogs come on our property all the time, waking us up in the middle of the night, Making messes and tearing things up. Not to mention beating up on our dog. Now our dog is missing all together. We have searched everywhere for her, and there is no sign of her. When we asked some of our neighbors, and all but one said there was a gun fired not long before we got home. All but one said the shot came from that very neighbors area. What are we supposed to believe? Our dog is missing. My Aunt is a very kind woman- the compete opposite of said neighbor. She wouldn't hurt anyone or anything on purpose. And now someone had really hurt her by possibly killing and definitely keeping Lucy from her. We had Lucy since she was a puppy and she became my Aunt's BABY. She kept us safe at night. There have been reports about someone prowling around here at night, stealing things. I guess now we will have to get a gun. At least no one can take that from us. But you can't get attached to a gun like you can a good dog. My Aunt can hardly eat, has big trouble sleeping. She has enough health issues already without this stress added. Look. We just want to know where our dog is. Dead or alive. Please. If anyone knows anything, PLEASE let us know. It would be greatly appreciated.  (Apr 22, 2014 | post #1)


Lucy Lou Cross

Our dog Lucy has been missing for a week now. Our family came home from the Kingdom Hall last Sunday to find her gone. She was on a chain that was hooked to a bolt in our porch, which was broken. A few of our neighbors said they heard a gunshot about 20 minutes before we got home. Leaving us to think that one of our neighbors shot her. Lucy was actually my Aunt Mary's baby. Since she has been gone, my Aunt can not hardly eat or sleep. She is depressed and misses her baby. It is not fair that we have to do without our dog. The neighbor we believe hurt her has several dogs that would come onto our property while Lucy was on her chain and beat up on her. My aunt would not let us do anything to these dogs, but we thought it was fitting that any time Lucy got away from us, she would go up to where these dogs stayed and beat up on them. We always went up to where she was and got her. I even gave the lady there our number so if Lucy got away and we didn't know it she could call us so we could get her. These people would not chain up their dogs or even try to fence them in. It seems that because we were gone, they decided to shoot her and hide her body so we couldn't find her. We have caller id and no one even called to let us know she was up there. On Wednesday night we came home to several of their dogs on our porch tearing things up. We have searched everywhere we could think of to find our dog. She is a white shepherd/lab mix. All of her shots are up to date, and she has been to obedience school (which is not cheap). If anyone knows anything that could help us find her (dead or alive) PLEASE let me know. I am begging on behalf of my Aunt who is distraught over this whole thing.  (Apr 20, 2014 | post #1)

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