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May 7, 2014

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Townsend, MA

Tennessee Gas Pipeline Running Through Towsend Conservati...

The Town of Townsend, Massachusetts sent out an Every Door Direct Mail piece urging residents to attend a special town meeting with Kinder Morgan,as well as promoted the meeting on the bi-weekly live local cable selectmen meeting show.This is unheard of in Townsend,to send out a direct mail,and the town received a phenomenal response.Standing room only.Not many of the "orange shirts" were able to shuffle into the room in time for photos. No district legislators were present. The meeting gave Kinder Morgan an opportunity to explain exactly where it may be laying long lines of gascious pipe out in the woods of Massachusetts and it also gave residents a chance to make their voices heard and get some answers to their questions (and some evasive bullshit) from Kinder Morgan lobbyist. So,The Messenger dropped in Nashoba Valley today.It contains pages two,three and six (not to mention the front cover) featuring articles on the proposed pipeline path.In an editorial,a quote from Ms. Candy Mountain of Richmond,MA,where three pipelines already run, "If the federal government says it's going to happen and the state government says it's going to happen,then it's going to happen." In a protest there are no wisely chosen battles.Barrage the lobbyist's every point with critique or an absolute statement,the entity's every move expose for the negative perspectives the lobbyist would never approach and if confronted with,evade. In the end it's Unitil and National Grid we'll be buying the gas from just like we do now and these companies have money to burn on PR campaigns,lobbying the legislature to create little monopolized territories for each of them. Personally,I don't want to see it go through Townsend.Townsend has the most conservation land of any municipality in Massachusetts. Is it 66000 signatures to get a veto referendum on the ballot?  (Jun 26, 2014 | post #1)

Leominster, MA

S.2183:Less Power To The People,more to the telecom utili...

There's a bill on deck that would give the telecommunications industry more power than municipalities in placement of wireless communication antennae. S.2183 is receiving an 11th hour push from the telecommunications lobby to get in an element that would render Mass communities powerless to remove or have any say in where "any person" places an antenna. Any building or structure in the state is open game but not utility poles.Utility poles are off-limits in accordance with S.2183. Mass communities might consider following Quincy's lead and petition the legislature to not legislate away the ability to at least work with the telecommunications industry on installation placement.. The DPU has passed down a decree of characteristically flawless logic,when rates are really high like they are right now-just use less electricity. (please visit my blog Arsenault For Senator on blogger to view the complete post with links to information resources.)  (Jun 21, 2014 | post #1)

Leominster, MA

An endorsement from Hans!!

The free app Arsenault For Senator can be downloaded for free here:  (Jun 15, 2014 | post #3)

Leominster, MA

An endorsement from Hans!!

write in Aaron Arsenault 14 Prospect St. Leominster https://www.youtub VwIvJII on the ballot in November under where it is written Worcester/Middlese x state senate district seat. https://www.youtub VwIvJII Remember to use a writing utensil. https://www.youtub VwIvJII Thank you  (Jun 13, 2014 | post #1)

Leominster, MA

Mass "None of the Above" on Primary Ballots

Everyday we're seeing more reports of the effectiveness of having a "none of the above" option on primary ballots.It combats voter apathy,which is a major problem outside of presidential elections.Massachu setts could try this to see if helps bring balance to this trifecta state.What if all registered voters that didn't vote were thrown into the NOTA option.Devoted Democrats may not feel like they don't have to do anything in order for their party or candidate to win,even if they are unopposed.All those that don't vote as a political statement may also be encouraged as NOTA is just as strong a message as not voting at all.  (Jun 12, 2014 | post #1)

Fitchburg, MA

Flanagan eyeing options after signature error

www.writeinaaronar Write-In on your ballot with pen or pencil under Worcester and Middlesex state senate district: Aaron Arsenault 14 Prospect St. Leominster  (Jun 10, 2014 | post #29)

Leominster, MA

Unitil Still Tops in Mass Electric Rates

If chairing members of several committees were replaced by people elected on a promise of not accepting influence from the electricity distribution industry,that law would pass. www.writeinaaronar  (Jun 9, 2014 | post #13)

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