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Sep 3, 2013

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Scammer alert puting people off genuine sellers

Ja. Every time... Like I keep saying, this dumb shit is the desperate, broke scammer's hail Mary play. they ignore the very simple fact that it would be IMPOSSIBLE for us to even try to pull of a scam, and then pray that their potential victims will do the same. Broke, pathetic scammer is STILL broke, and pathetic.  (Oct 20, 2013 | post #3)

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It's 5 years now? Or 10? Or was it 15? I mean, you have claimed all of those within the last 8 or 9 days. Make up your fucking mind. Pick a lie, and fucking stick with it, asshole. How is that even possible, though? The "business " doesn't actually exist. Oh, and if you wanna know HOW I know that to be truth, it's PUBLIC DOMAIN. There is NO business license for that fucking website. Period. It does NOT exist as ANYTHING but a website. It is a VERY poorly designed website, using a generic template from a $10 a year provider. Started and ran by ONE dude with nothing else but his own e-mail. There isn't a single employee, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to employed with a business that does not even exist. This is ONE guy. The SAME guy has started all 100 of the threads promoting that website this year alone. The same guy posting ALL of the "positive feedback" posts, ranging in the THOUSANDS. ONE guy who has registered no less than 50 accounts, and has used hundreds of other grey names to provide the fake feedback. ONE! The point I am trying to make is the desperation... I mean, what you've done actually impresses me. Just the sheer magnitude of it. I have never seen another scammer like you. I wish I could say that I am just being hyperbolic with all those numbers, but I'm not. And anybody who's been here for more than a month or so can testify to the fact that I am NOT exaggerating in any way. Then, to top it ALL off; you're atrocious at it! Like, REALLY fucking bad. In the last 2 months, you had only 2 successful scams! TWO! That's it! For the countless hours you spent talking to yourself on countless different names on numerous different threads, you manged but TWO scams. That's fucking pitiful, mate. And you only got $150 from poppy13. Can't remember the other guy, but it was fairly low, too. So you have made no more than 500 bux (and that's being generous, righ?). I have seriously seen people flat out ADMIT to being a scammer, and make more money than you have. I've seen so many others make even more glaring mistakes than the ones your sloppy ass makes, and they STILL get at least double what you have gotten. You are BAD at this. Do you hear me? VERY, VERY poor. Why wont you find something else to try? Some other fucking scheme to steal from decent, innocent, suffering people? You are the epitome of insanity, yo. Trying the SAME fucking thing over and over, and over and over expecting different results. THAT describes you entirely. I mean, this right here is some honest criticism, and advise. Call it tough love, but I don't think you actually see just how ATROCIOUS you are at this... At least take a break for a day or two. Look back on these dozens of threads, and try to identify the mistakes you made that caused the thread to fail. When you decide to come back, maybe you can just not make all those mistakes again and again? As you have been this entire time. Maybe then you'll be able to get dat fix WITHOUT having to throat fuck some tweaked out dope man for a half bag of heroin. I'll be rootin' for ya.  (Oct 19, 2013 | post #18)

oxycodone, script online credit cards

LOL. Again. You're so fucking worthless. Any pity I had left for you is quickly being replaced with deep seated hatred. The kind of hate you can only feel after hundreds of years of oppressed slavery against my people! At any rate, you failed on your last 14 threads this week, and you will just as surely fail at this one. You at least gonna take any of the advice I have offered you, though? Maybe give yourself an outside chance of actually tricking somebody sending you their money so that you may put that needle in your vein? I really did give you some awesome, honest criticism. Did you take any of it to heart? I suppose we will find out shortly. Can't wait to see if you do the "85 satisfied devotees randomly showing up to a thread on a forum they didn't know existed, within mere moments of eachother, and not being able to hold back the urge to brag to the entire world about all the felonies they commit on a public forum, because that happens" mistake. Not holding too much hope, as I've explained exactly HOW that shit ruins your dumb fucking scams before, and you just keep doing it.  (Oct 19, 2013 | post #4)


You ever thought about just..... Not being jayballakid/adam wallace? Maybe if you just stop being him, people would stop accusing you of being him. Food for thought.  (Oct 19, 2013 | post #6)