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Jan 4, 2008

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news alert obama wasn't tested for,,,,,

TOE JAM  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #1)

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Are there any Crusaders that exsist today?

Are there any Crusaders that exsist today. In this area or even in another country. Thugs are popping up all over the place and I wasa wondering if there is someone or something that could control the evil on the streets and in the hearts of humans. Besides every religion wanting to be the number #1 religion or faith. Sounds like humans are being pushed into a belief that they have no other way but to believe I was just wondering. No intent on controling there ideas or anything else.  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #1)

Utica, NY

What are bosnian religions

Trying to figure out whats there main religion for schooling purposes.  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #1)

Utica, NY

who talks the most sh!t on this site?

ME  (Jan 19, 2009 | post #1)

Utica, NY


How funny! Who ever is starting on this one better be involved in CIA or FBI work. Just because I no there name and what they are all about. This is a good family. The biggiest in utica, I read it on observer diaspatch. And respected and connected with some high end people. just my point of view. Other than that. I think. Lipps shut and heads bowed. Pass it on...  (Jan 19, 2009 | post #7)

Utica, NY

Are there tunnels underground leading to Albany NY

I was wrong there's a slip & slide in city hall. Sorry  (Jul 4, 2008 | post #9)


Fear of a Chinese Planet?

Ever heare of better weapons. America Has. Ever heard of pay checks, America Has. Ever hear of Pride America Has. Ever hear of quatum leaping objects such as military issued. America Has. Shut up. Nothing could compare to America, Fools... Chinas weapons are like fire crackers Slow burning. Then its a dud. LMAO Pwople if you can't beat them get the FUC}< out. SIMPLE AS THAT....  (Jul 3, 2008 | post #2784)

Utica, NY

Who has the best Tomato pie in Utica

Adding sugar to sauce is a good idea. Especially when using it with pasta. Great taste. I always wanted to be a baker. I could bake a cake as fast as you can. Ain't that right!  (Jul 2, 2008 | post #111)

Utica, NY

Who has the best Tomato pie in Utica

This makes me want to vote for OBAMA.  (Jul 2, 2008 | post #110)

Utica, NY

Who has the best Tomato pie in Utica

See, I solved the whole issue by my self. I deserve a V8 .  (Jul 2, 2008 | post #109)


Islam Sucks. Its the worst religion in history.

LOL, your all wrong. Believe if a man looks up in the sky during night, and points out two planets. He does his math. A being sees the same planets on another planet and he does the math. Both adds up equal. Language of mathematics is kind. But has no feelings. Language of religion plays a part for life. For understanding respect for another. 7 degrees of love, respect, faith, understand, equality, and others but yet not filtered remains truth to our exsitence. Man will destroy man eventually. unless the other man recognizes his exsitence. The witness...I believe there is a higher ground than mother earth. I believe let there be light. and you got it. So here it is. Religion in fact. Fiction is only 1. Never so tricky in there books. It was overlooked. All religion is a key factor to our alone being. Like the meal before watching TV. Still waiting for your understanding. Wait alone in the dark, with a spark to start.2BContinued  (Feb 13, 2008 | post #65)

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