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May 27, 2010

7th Heaven Profile

Q & A with 7th Heaven


Not Perfect, Just Forgiven


Bloom Where You're Planted!


All around me, wherever I'm at

Local Favorites:

Our home. Our backyard. Our living room on Family Fun Night. Really -- anywhere my family is!!

I Belong To:


When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm reclining on a velveteen chaise, eating bonbons and reading romance novels ;)

Read My Forum Posts Because:

They're there?

I'm Listening To:

God, nature, and my family.

Read This Book:

The Bible, especially Proverbs and Psalms. And John.

Favorite Things:

My family. My pets. Music. Nature. Weather. Baking. Walking. Laughing. Pretty much LIFE, in general!!

On My Mind:

My family -- constantly. My Lord -- not as often as He SHOULD be.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

Blog -- HaHa!! What a funny word!!

I Believe In:

God. Jesus. Love. Babies and Children. Forgiveness. Hard work. The power of prayer. Miracles. Jell-O. Crockpots.